Friday, October 07, 2005

Blue Starfish


A blue starfish clambering along the coral display at the BMRI aquarium, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, 2005.


ash said...

This is cool! ermm...where is BMRI aquarium? i think it is time for me to re-discover my own hometown ;+

Kervin said...

Its in Universiti Malaysia Sabah at the Borneo Marine Research Institute, usually you can contact the office to arrange a viewing else its open during the yearly convocation week.

ash said... we can arrange a viewing eh? Where can i get the contact details? and how big is it, worth paying a visit?

Kervin said...

well you can call the IPMB office, dial 320000 and ask the operator for the extension number, there ask for Mr Kennedy, he's in charge. The place is ok, not as large as Aquaria KLCC though but with a nominal fee of RM3 is quite worth it, 3 huge tank enclosures, various smaller aquariums, museum, etc. But not always open so better call and set appointment first, I've an earlier post about the aquarium, try reading that, might answer a few questions:D

ash said...

thanks for the information! will do that when im back in kk=)