Sunday, November 27, 2005

What is going on with our police force?

The Malaysian police force has never been the crowning glory we all hear about. So much have been said in whispers such as the rampant corruption practices infecting a large part of the force that its no longer just coffee shop talk but acknowledged as fact. How often have we been stopped over for some infraction and the datuks discreetly demand a 'gift' to let the summon lapse or there are more blatant one which just asks out right and later even enter negotiations to agree on the final amount of bribe to be paid. Recently a lot have been going on for the Malaysian Police Force with the anti bribery campaign where all police personnels are required to wear no bribery badges to the mistreatment accusation by Chinese nationals on mistreatment to the recent spate where a policewoman was seen giving orders to a naked lady to do squats. Far from eradicating bribery wearing a badge stating such is just plain hollow moreso if the person wearing one still actively seek out favours without care. Another incident highlighting the fact that the public is being stiffled in advancing any complaints as such was the case of Foo Sze Kuan, 18, who reported to the Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) on the fact that she was coerced into giving a bribe by a policeman, who later sought to press charges on the said person. Luckily cooler heads prevailed and the force was asked to drop any such actions.

Now today we hear that another whistle blower who sought to expose such happening as the naked lady MMS is to be prosecuted for doing their bid of investigative journalism. If anything they should be commended for their efforts in exposing something that we thought only happens in places like Guantanamo Prison or Abu Gharib. It is people such as them and politician Teresa Kok that prevents such abuses from ever continuing to be carried out. This came no less from Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Musa Hassan himself. It's to say punish the do gooders and let the wrong doer go free. I wonder if the MMS was never shown would the individual pictured have her rights protected or fade into memory just like that? Perhaps it is time to set up a commision for the public to voice their complaints lest we suffer the same fate as well as to initiate a whistle blowers act to safeguard people who testify to abuses. At least there must be clear guidelines about who and when can such treatment be warranted and that stricter and unhumiliating procedures be prescribed such as having a lawyer present or only with consent from certain parties to prevent abuses. Maybe the force should take a good look at themselves and clean up their act before they pass such judgement on others. I believe the Malaysian faith in their police forces to safeguard them is at an all time low and they should buck up to dispel those misgiving and not to persecute in a futile attempt those that have exposed their shortcomings.


bottle said...

what's going on?
nothing... it has always been the same.

Kervin said...

bottle: Sad statement but true.