Friday, September 24, 2004

Old and new

Shoplots Posted by Hello

Pic: Walking by on a rainy day, the downcast sky allowed for a very diffused lighting through the plastic roofing recently constructed over Petaling Street. I found it led to a surreal setting and even an eerie feeling to the old pre-war shophouses, as if the residents and events of the past are relived again today. The architecture of the buildings are of an eclectic fashion with the two story building decorated with Chinese couplets, sculptured archways and stylised pillars. The upper floor often acts as the living quarters for the family who runs their businesses in the lower floor. A five foot alleyway is found in the front allowing shelter from the elements as one walks from shop to shop. The front is a more recent addition, minor shoplots to accommodate the traders here, but at night one will most undoubtedly be squashed as the center is filled with ever more traders.

Well I really liked the way the picture turned out except for the man on the right, would've been better if he was not there or that he was standing further inside to display fully. Well couldn't really wait if your father is busy walking at breakneck pace to get all the shopping done, just a quick snap and voila!

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Adrian said...

Oh just crop him out! You've got 5 megapixels to spare!