Thursday, September 30, 2004

Standing at the edge

Kudat Posted by Hello

Pic: Standing at the tip of the world, only a few places could claim that. Borneo, Kudat is home to the northern most tip of the Isle and the terminus is at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau. Walking at the edge and looking out into the vast South China Sea, takes your breath away.

Sabah has one of the largest number of marine parks and marine protected areas in Malaysia with world class dive sites and beautiful islands. The recent addition includes the likes of Mataking, Mantatani, Mabul, Layang-layang, Labuan, Sipadan, Langkayan and the Turtle Islands. It's is then good to hear that several others are going to be added to this list, already the Semporna Islands Park is in the framework with its unique geologic features. Now plans are underway to turn Pulau Banggi off Kudat and it's surrounding waters into another, the Tun Mustapha Park (named after the first Chief Minister of Sabah). Kudat used to be a sea trade stopover for ships heading from Labuan to Jesselton (now KK) to Sandakan. It's still a small hamlet and development is slow to come. Fishing is still the main occupation here and many seafood products can be had quite cheaply. But there is one feature that Kudat is famed for, that the northern most tip of Borneo is located here. A rocky crag, triangular in shape pierces the South China Sea. Visitors can walk upon the rocky face when it's low tide and savor being at the edge of the world.

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Anonymous said...

Thats a nice pic, but maybe you should have put the one with the sun's rays shining golden onto those rocks. That, my dear, is spectacular to one who's never been to such a place before.