Sunday, October 10, 2004

Feast for thought

Lion Tamer Posted by Hello

Pic: Kid from a dance troupe inspecting the head for a Southern Lion. Training for potential lion dancers start young, picking up the skills they need to execute the high jumps, splits, head stands and twirls in midair from their seniors. The Southern lion dance is less popular compared to the more contemporary lion heads. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, 2002.

It's been a slow week to say the most. Most people look forward to the weekend but for me this one was way sluggish to say the least. Exams have hit most of the people in campus, all sweating blood now to complete their notes in time for next week. Well Sunday was ok, headed down town to get some stuff and then 'ta pau' (take away) Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner. Unbeknown to me later I would be getting a phone call from my housemate that they're serving crabs and other delicacies for dinner and Laura and I as invited. Ok so after having the cheezy wedges and a snack plate (2 piece chicken), dinner was served with a fare of Mangrove crabs from Kota Belud (each about 1.5 kg and the size of my plate), smaller crabs fried in sweet sour sauce, gourd from Kundasang, vegetables from Kudat and rice (so my housemate went touring around Sabah!). Add to this that Partick (my roomie) was also invited to the neighbours to share in the girl's dinner (yes he's buddy buddy with all 8 of them, and even might be interested in 1), in the end he invited the girls to come join us at our abode. Cue present, another table set, add 8 more chairs, lump in the food the girls cooked (bak kut teh which is a kind of pork broth with vegetables and herbs, fried vegetables, two bowls of soup, steamed salted eggs and fried meat), man I could hardly move after that binge! Ok so the day ended nicely but I could do without the distended stomach, as if it's not distended enough already. Well a good last meal before cramming is always good for morale:)

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