Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I hate Tuesdays

Ok ok so I know that quoting Garfield it should be "I hate Mondays!". But the nefarious thing is that we'd be expecting Mondays to hit us face on while for Tuesdays we are so relieved that Monday has passed that we drop our guard. Maybe it's just me, because yesterday was a major headache for me! My Window decided to act funny, disallowing me to enter and keep getting stuck at the login screen where the impudent screen would freeze. Next went ahead with safe mode, greeted with a blank screen and ta dah, freeze again. Tried using my Twinhead Efio restore disk and even that couldn't help. So drastic measures ensued, a full reformat and reinstall of my OS on the C drive. Haven't done it before, no one to guide me but what the heck there are some important date that hadn't been backed up yet and needed that urgently. So ok spent the whole of last night installing Windows and the next of the whole morning patching, configuring, reinstalling programs and safeguarding viruses. Man this sucks. Well so far everything seems ok for now, Windows even running smoother than previously (haven't reinstalled for 2 years) must be all the junk hiding somewhere. Well there goes experimentation 1 with my com. I do hate crashes sometimes! So again I reiterate "I hate Tuesdays (maybe just this one in particular)".

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