Saturday, October 09, 2004

Johleen Koh

Johleen Koh Posted by Hello

Pic: Portrait of Johleen Koh, Hundred Islands, Philippines, 2004.

One of the more vocal ladies you’ll see in the class, you’ll hear her speak her mind and opinion whether you want to or not. Very good PR skills, she can out talk most people into doing what she wants. Just throw her in a crowd and wait till she becomes friends with all of them and even net a few ‘ji muis’ (fraternal sisters) into her midst. Also she can very well take care of herself mind you; most bruises I’ve got from teasing her can still be clearly felt after the initial blow. But overall she’s eloquent, independent but still she has her soft side. Just ask her plushy pig she keeps with her at all times and her ever present ‘chow chow’ (not the dog, it’s her small pillow she had since young). Wickedly put up a picture of her being cute here while eating an ice cream.

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