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Malaysian ghost inventory

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Since it is near Halloween, I figure a topic on ghosts is warranted. From experience Malaysia is full of horror accounts and our very own backyard hantus. I can’t recall much of what is said about the local ghosts in general and only know of a few, if any readers could enlighten me and add to the inventory I would be grateful.

Many have exclaimed that the pontianak is the rebirth of a dead person’s body. An inhuman creature that is jealous of the living and can only exist by draining the life blood of the object he hates so much. Considered the utmost affront to the living, this living corpse is one of the most known ghosts we know of, if we can call it a ghost. Locals would state that the banana tree is a famous haunt of the pontianak and that if a person is to stick a needle into the trunk of one and tie the string to his/her bed, the pontianak will be forced into his service. But beware if the bond should be broken and the angered pontianak will seek revenge on it’s tormentor. The Chinese also has the version of the vampire as in the keung si, the undead corpse of those that has not died in a peaceful manner often a horrible death, this vengeful spirit would than seek revenge on people by draining their blood. Fortunately there are sensei that are said to be able to control such creatures through charms and mantras.

The penanggalan are animated heads that are seen floating with entrails dangling from the severed appendage. Often it is said that there are people capable of acting normal during the day but when night falls, the head detaches from their meditating body and they roam free as penanggalans to catch unwary victims.

The hantu has many forms and shapes. Often some has corporeal bodies and is seen as solid entities, others are more mist form or is shadowy in nature. Ghosts are the souls of the dead that has unfinished business on earth. The draw is so strong or their will is so great to continue living that they exist as a shadow of their former self. Unless his/her task is completed, the hantu is destined to travel the realm of the mortals and cannot past beyond death. Often frustrated, certain hantus can turn violent and manifest as malignant spirits, willingly causing harm to people near them.

Lady in Red
Chinese people believe that woman who commits suicide while wearing a red dress would be rebirth as a vengeful spirit intent on seeking the person responsible for her predicament or someone that has done her wrong. Seen often as ethereal spirits with their red dress clearly seen, death to the person is often swift and grisly.

Toyols are said to be impish creatures that are kept by certain people especially bomohs as familiars. Often the toyol is made from a dead baby fetus that has been kept preserved in a jar. Through certain rituals the person can bind the toyol to him and command it to do his bidding but the price is a daily feeding ritual of the person’s blood in a teaspoon to appease the toyol.

Bridge construction
At the mention of a bridge’s construction, mothers often get worried about their children’s safety for it is said that for any construction to be safely made, a sacrifice of children’s heads would have to be inserted into the base of the bridge so as not to anger the spirits of the land. If these spirits are angered, the construction would be waylaid with problems and later users would experience stints of accidents. Thus it is said that at this time there will be an old man with a parang looking out for stray children roaming about so as to collect their heads to add to the offering.

Haunted houses
One very common form of haunting is that of the house. Certain cynics would say there is no such thing and to prove it would dare spend a night in such a place. Often after a good night’s rest he would awake, only to find himself sleeping out in the open of his porch. Other more sinister houses would display noises, eerie feeling or just bad vibes.

Often one wakes up suddenly and feels as if there is a presence putting huge pressure on him/her. He would be fully awake and conscious but cannot control any of his limbs or senses. The feeling of helplessness, not to be able to even scream. But soon the pressure subsides and he slowly regains use of his faculties. Scientific studies have been conducted and attributed this to a state whereby the brain awakes first but the sensory and nervous system is still technically asleep and thus causes this sensation.

Hotel room ghosts
Many people claim that certain hotel rooms are haunted. Sleeping in such and such room would often put a person not at ease and causes an eerie feeling. At times, people are even startled awake by strange sounds or visions. Other would feel hands grabbing them or hear voices. The room may turn abnormally cold or extremely hot. This will most often cause the person to run off to a colleague’s room. I’ve heard tales of places especially the Ria apartments in Genting from friends.

Taxi trip
A taxi driver went to picked up passengers as his usual routine. At once he stopped in front of a woman who hailed him down. She went inside and gave him directions to a place and asked to be taken there. Thinking nothing of it, he proceeded to do so and dropped her off at the abovementioned place. It was a large villa and it looked rich and fancy. He remembered taking a peek at the rear view mirror at his passenger and thought she looked beautiful but at the same time he felt not at ease but put it down to tiredness. She paid the fare and left, the taxi driver began to drive off but looked back and was aghast. The lady was gone and in place of the villa was a cemetery. He took the notes she gave him and to his horror found they were hell money (paper money burnt as offering to the departed). He sped away but for weeks claimed that the seat she sat at had strange marks and stank.

These creatures are often female in nature, appearing vivacious to young man. It was said that no man can resist their charms and would bring them back and bed them. This would continue and night after night the man would slowly lose his vitality as his chi was sucked out by the creature. Soon he would waste away into nothing and the creature would hunt again.

The disfigured woman
Once I was told not to wander off alone for the few weeks, it was around 1998 if I am not mistaken. News was that a woman who wanted to stay beautiful went to a bomoh to have treatments. The bomoh said it can be done and the woman endured long sharp needles inserted into her head. But something went awry and instead of being beautiful it turned her into a hag, disfigured and ruined. It was said that she than went ahead, angered and spiteful, wearing a large hat with a veil around to cover her face. She would go to find young man, seduce them (it was said her charms were strong that a man would fall helplessly in love with her) and then take their spirits away. At that time news of this incident seem to grip the whole of Malaysia.

Karak Highway Ghoul
This is more of an urban legend, many people would have undoubtedly heard about it. It was said one night that a couple with their baby was traveling through the old stretch of the Karak highway when suddenly in the middle of no where their car experienced trouble. The man got out to check the engine and tried to fix it. While waiting in the car, the lady and her child suddenly saw a car stop near them. The driver got out and began shouting for the lady to get out of her car. Curios the lady was still awaiting her husband but after seeing the concerned look of the driver decided to run out with her child. Once reaching the car, she was asked to turn round and to her horror saw that a man like thing was hunched over her husband’s corpse and already half eaten at that.

Any more ideas and stories? Spread the world so this archive can grow :)


Bustaman said...

I did get a chill reading the stories.
Once I was told that the Rest House in Kuantan was haunted too.

hyelbaine said...

Hantu Susu.

It was popular when I was growing up. It seems that a mother holding her child would come knocking on your door at night. She'd first ask if you had milk and then if you had diapers to spare her. Then she'd show her child which is "headless" and the of course the finale, she reveals herself.....

Cheers!!! :D

ps>>I think the karak's one is true, happened to my uncle it seems ;)

bayibhyap said...

Let's each tell a short ghost story. I'll try to think of one and come back later. :-)

michaelooi said...

orang minyak. the undead that goes around raping housewives for leisure.

frangipanix said...

nice post you have here.

bayibhyap said...

I can't think of a frightening ghost story but let me relate to you an uncanny experience while I was surfing the net and looking at my e-mails one night. It was close to midnight and everyone in he house was asleep. I saw an e-mail sent to me by a friend with the title "Ne Lai", which means "You Come" in Mandarin. When I opened the e-mail, I nearly jumped out of my skin in fright. It was the picture of a horrible female ghost gesturing me to go to her... The picture sent shivers down my spine. Coincidentally, the clock struck 12 midnight then. *shudder shudder* Another quiver down my spine. I quickly deleted the file and moved on to another site. Within a minute, the screen alerted me that a new e-mail had come in. I went back to mt e-mail page and there again....the Ne Lai e-mail was back. Another stunning shock for me. Without opening the mail, I deleted it immediately. But hey, it was there again as soon as I had deleted it. I switched off the computer and went to bed, shovering under the blanket. I deleted the file the next morning and thank goodness, it has not returned since.

Kervin said...

Michael: Yeah forgot about the orang minyak hehe. Years ago got a case of a man which was caught peeking into woman bathing, seems he was covered in black oil and only wearing his undies. Orang minyak in training.

bayibhyap: Wow eerie email my that's scary, must be a shock, should hentam the friend that foward that to you:)

frangipanix: Thanks for the visit and encouragement, no ghostly experience you've experienced to share? :)

bayibhyap said...

You know, Kerv, the thought of the eerie e-mail episode still sends shivers down my spine this day. Can't seem to explain it at all.

Papi said...

Mentioned bridge construction, and it will send chills down my spine, man. True story:

When I was a kid, there was a new bridge being constructed nearby my house. So as always, my mom will tell me all these stories about how they would sacrifice children's head bla bla bla.. I didn't believed her. Then one day, while I was playing alone in the backyard, this Malay fu***r neighbour came out of nowhere, and swung his parang at my throat!! I managed to dodge at the right moment, and stepped back. I was stunned, staring at him. Then out of nowhere, my mom came out and pulled me in, while I showed him the finger! ha ha ha... Till now, I still have no idea what was that all about.

Eisenmeteor said...

i got one
it's another karak highway episode
back when i was 16 (2002) i used to drive around in my cousins car and was quite contempt with the life on the fast lane. i was 16 wat else can u expect from a 16 year old kid rite?.
so anyways
imagine u're in an imprezza going at 220+ kmh and suddenly a volkswagen beetle appears next to u. thankgod i was high on adrenaline and thought winning a ghost in a race would be awesome
but it maneuvers violently as if trying to swoop u off the road and down the rocky sides. and ocassionally it'll server towards u and literally go thru ur car on to the other side of the road again a maneuver of crashing others. my cousin knew wat was happening but didnt say a thing as this was once a very common story amongst "i cant say the car clubs name/.. it's been disbanded anyways." and it catches those who drives fast or tired off guard and tries to make em crash. a year later there was a story on the papers about a guy driving off the cliff but survived saying someone was forcin him off the road and next thing he knew he crashed.
also 2 years ago 2006 another case which was simaliar.