Thursday, October 07, 2004

Of kids, friends and books!

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Pic: A little kid busily playing with paper scraps to while away his time at his mother’s stall, suddenly turned to look up at the photographer that has been hovering over him. Kundasang, Sabah, 2003.

Mmmm tried our friendster today for the first time, was curious how come so many links were being posted on other blogs so what the heck. Well turns out quite a haul as some of the people that I’ve lost contact with finally could be found but yet others are still buried in the sands of time, forgotten due to them being incommunicado. Well I might not have everyone’s e-mail or contact so if I’m missing someone do give me some info, be nice to catch up on old time haha. Oh that’s me being nostalgic again.

In other news, finished reading Dan Brown’s three books today; Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code and Deception Point. Books are hard to come by here in Sabah, there’s no Kinokuniya or MPH though Popular just set up shop. I was hunting in every major bookstore here for his fourth, Digital Fortress but no such luck, seems either they’re not as popular as “Stupid White Men” by Michael Moore or stocks are being snatched at record pace. I’ll recommend reading for Dan’s books, haven’t had such a good thriller and intrigue read since Rainbow Six. But somehow the pattern for his books is almost too identical, mysterious happenings, conspiracy theory, cutting edge technology, hero and heroine going against everyone else in the system, powerful but at times predictable bad guys, a twist ending, suspense, death and triumph. Aside from that, it’ll keep you on edge and you’ll feel reluctant to put it down. I’ll give them a rating of 4/5.


Lisa said...


i like this picture. :) in fact i like photos depicting people. Anyway, have you ever tried using the special film, black&white only? i've tried once, but i'm never good at taking photos. but i guess to use those films would require bulky camera like adrian's.

by the way, about the 'da vinci code' book, do you have it? mind if i borrow? i'm too poor to buy one. :P hehe

thanks. :)
i love your snapshots.

Kervin said...

Hi, nope haven't really tried 'real' black and white photographs. Don't have the camera equipment, don't have the cash for film, and printing costs extra here. most trials of B&W usually using the B&W mode on my digicam. Anyway if you want to read the book, come over sometime to get it from me ok. Still don't know where you live exactly:)

Anonymous said...

hi. your blog is really interesting! love especially your pics of the people and places.. stirs many a good reminiscence of my hometown, KK! anywez, keep up the good work with your camera.. =)

ps: the pic of a kid and the msian flag is just awesome!