Friday, October 08, 2004

Tang Sui Sieng

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Pic: Portrait of Tang, Bolinao, Philippines, 2004.

Tang was one of the last few people I really got to know fully among my course mates. Being so quiet and a little modest at speaking English, I really only got to talk to her when we were doing projects together. But after knowing her for the back few years, she grows on you. Her expression is often plain and as if possessed by a gentile nature, but don’t cross her, because hidden beneath that fragile exterior she can really let out an outburst as we all saw when she was being pressed with stupid questions during her viva, even to the shock of our supervisor! She also lets down her guard at times, the likes of which I only saw when we were together in the Philippines and you truly see the strong lady she is within. She is and will always be a dear friend to us all, go Mumu!


Fin said...

Wow! Really nice blog!

Love you photos!

Anonymous said...

If I may... just stumbled across this blog here while I was googling SuiSieng. My dearest friend, she is...