Sunday, October 17, 2004

Until we meet again, Philippines

Farewell! Posted by Hello

Pic: Children playing by themselves at the dock while their parents work away, wave happily towards the stranger taking their picture. Bolinao, Philippines, 2004.

Farewell, sometimes a word hard to say out loud. Leaving the Philippines brings both a pang of sadness and relief at the same time. The differences, though not too apparent made me long so much for my homeland. Being away for this short stint reminded me why I liked my country so much, the people, the places, the friends and the familiarity. Though we met so many people there while working, it’s still hard to say goodbye especially to those we called friends. Memories etched in our hearts as we flew off back to Malaysia, the city of Manila slowly becoming a dot in the horizon, passing the coastline, over the South China Sea and finally touching ground on Kota Kinabalu. Echoes of a song we heard on lonely nights being strummed on the guitar, accompanied by the soulful serenade of a disembodied voice afar.

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bayibhyap said...

Yep, the Philippines holds many happy and sweet memories for me. I haven't been there for quite a few years now but I have been touching base with many of my friends via the net. They have blogs, which give me an insight into the changing conditions there. I have been invited to a reunion in Manila at the end of October and I have yet to decide if I can make it.

Shalom, shalom. Till we meet again, till we meet again. Farewell, farewell.