Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Another close call for the US?

Let's face it, every election that occurs in the US is of major importance to the world and that situation is the same here in Malaysia. We hold our breath when the ballots for the Presidential seat is counted, we go into nail biting as every lead is announced and the states fall to either camp, we gasp and pray when the votes are tallied and has been found that the race is too close and they can't really declare a winner. Though we are loathe to say it, the US is a major force in the arena of world politics and events, when the States speaks, others listen. Malaysia has it's own share of run in with the US; from Gore's statement on the Reformation movement, to the US criticism of the use of our Internal Security Act (which they have reincarnated into their Patriot Act) to labelling Malaysia as a stopover and terrorist hot spot.

Thus it is again time to decide who it will be to hold the office for the most powerful nation today, be it Republicans or Democrats. Many would've already be sick of hearing about Kerry versus Bush. Today is voting day and thus we wait with trepedition. As of now the race seems to be headed again to a close finish with Bush leading slightly over Kerry. Tally reported by Yahoo news puts Bush at 254 versus Kerry 252 with only Iowa being in contest and determining where the pendulum swings. Yet already the Bush camp is already claiming the win at 286 votes. So close that it is a wonder if the new president has a clear mandate to lead his country and this smacks so much of the blunders of the previous election.

What bearing does this have for us Malaysian? Well it means we are stuck with him for another few years as well as his policies. But seriously what does it really matter who is in the Presidential seat? When Al Gore and Bush were squaring it off against each other in the last one, a lot of us were already displeased with Clinton for his scandals and mishandlings of certain affair. Thus most were rooting for Bush because hey if it's not Gore it better be the other guy. Now we are confronted with the same situation and thus many of us are sore that Bush has led his country to war with Iraq, sanctioned the attack on Afghanistan, pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol and the country's haphazard handling of the Road map to peace for the Middle East. Thus we again say why not the other guy? Of course most of us have never heard of Kerry before this but never mind that, at least he's not Bush. Thus the trend will always be if the current president pisses off the world, let's hope the other guy wins and maybe he can do a better job.

Well it doesn't work that way does it. After a while the President will have to cater to the people that matters to him most, the American citizens whose vote will determine if he stays in office for another term. The US can be a leader of the world with the military, financial and technological might that could change the world if need be. But often interests for the world's good will always be second to the interests of the US. If it does not benefit the US, it's not acceptable.

So for the new president of the USA whoever that might be, we the world hope you will take the mandate and responsibility as a nation's leader to lead your country and find a way to be part of the world's nations. We do not seek a dominating nation but one that uses it's resources to make every nation prosper and develop towards a peaceful existence. We hope that the ideals the US stands for; liberty, justice and equality will stand true not only for your own but also applicable for every human being on Earth be they Asians, Europeans, Africans or Americans. We hope that instead of a unilateral world view, you will work with the UN in peacefully finding resolutions to the world's ills. Lastly, we hope that whatever your wrongdoings in the last term, we respect the votes of your nation and hope you will start with a fresh mandate and do a better job for your next term in office.

It's official Bush wins, Kerry concedes defeat. We've another four year with the Guy.

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