Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Bombed something nasty today

Asleep Posted by Hello

Fact : I'm bummed out today, never been so tired, down, depressed and restless as this before. So much is happening these few weeks that it feels like I wanna burst. The housemates in my current residence is incourageble, after Adrian and Kuok Sum shifted out the life of the place seems to sap out and it doesn't feel like home anymore. By the end of next month another long term tenant, Stanley and his fiancee Mimi will be shifting to greener pastures as well. The others I'm not really to close to nor do they bother me much so scratch that. The fact is by the next semester, two other tenants will be moving out and this means more strangers to get used to ho hum. Finding the perfect match in housemates can be hell. Pat hasn't been home for days, residing at the next door's neighbours house with his new girlfriend, the other new guy is busy with his girlfriend too, another housemate is never at home save to sleep, my house is certainly a lonely place these days. Also yesterday my favourite coffee mug, a stainless steel mug was abducted by someone and no one is claiming responsibility. It measures the right poportions for my morning coffee which might expalin why I've been cranky most mornings since it's disapperance. I'm missing foodstuff, someone has used up my entire supply of oil, utensils are left grubby and unwashed on the kitchen counter and the cat is raiding the dog food.

One of the pup has developed skin enzema from spilled milk on it's back. Brought the guy to the vet to treat with a skin swab and some antibiotics and he said he should be fine in a while. Had to resort to rent a car for three days straight to bring the pup to the vet's place, at least the cost is being borne by it's new owner. Bad news again today, this morning Laura, my girlfriend received a call from her parents that her pet dog Tuffy passed away while being operated on for skin tumors. It happened when we were bringing the pup to the vet and the ride back home was agonizing. As to that there has been a raging battle as Pat doesn't want Lady around and asks Stan to bring it back as he fears the new tenants might not like it, Stan says he's ok with either bringing a pup or Lady back with him to Sandakan, I want Lady here, another pup needs to be adopted off, decisions I don't know how to answer now. Why can't things be the way they were like in the past!! My masters application has come through at last. But this means the next few weeks will be a rush to get a medical exam, form filling, cash payments, running up and down institutes to get the required signatures etc. Aaaarrrggggghhhhh!!! This is really not my week. Sigh, I think I'm gonna go sleep it off, maybe tomorrow will be a better day I'll wake up to or it may again be the same drudgery I've been facing all along, just shoot me please.

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