Saturday, November 27, 2004

Laura’s Gift : With Love

Components for Laura's present;

  • Something needed
  • Something naughty
  • Something yummy
  • Something cute
  • Something soothing
  • Something sweet
  • Something sentimental

I couldn't really decide which one item best to give to Laura when out shopping the other day for her Birthday, had my eye out for several items and in the end decided to give a boxful of LOVE to her for her 22nd year.

Something to hold everything in. She had a thing lately for cute boxes and figure this will add one more to her collection of teddy bear motif boxes in her room. Easy and neat, no messy wrapping (I suck at it) and holds everything well, a gift in itself.

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Something needed
This is my main component and the actual gift for my dear. She has been with a puny 64Mb pendrive for ages and lately been nagging about the need for some space (don’t misunderstand hehe). Well so voila, got her a new 256Mb handydrive. At first thought I’d get her a 128Mb one but scouting the prices, the leap from 128 to 256 wasn’t that much and thus the purchase. I’ll bet she’ll find this useful.

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Something naughty
A little bit of fun in me here as a good humor as should any good couple have. There was a sale at FOS with lots of woman lingerie and though there were other more skimpy ones (one got me wondering if it was a piece of cloth with three strings attached) so as not to be walloped on the head too severely got her this more conservative one haha. Was really gungho about the care bear motif g-string but would be killed if I ever got that haha.

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Something yummy
Laura has a thing for Famous Amos and chocolates. It was a tie to decide which to get her either a bag of yummy Amos or her favourite Sabah Chocolates. Since the place I was looking about didn’t allow much selection for chocs, Amos won. Bet she’ll finish this little bag in an instant.

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Something cute
This little fella caught my eye and is my vote for cutest beany baby in the Kk Toy Store. Okay so Laura was crazy over the LotR Faramir action figure but can’t get it here so cute is always good. She’s a little over the head I the cute department so I try to be as cute as possible, all times :D

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Something soothing
She loves a good massage and can never get enough of mine to the point my poor thumbs and fingers ache in protest but for her the pain is worth it. Thus this little cutesy note for a year of unlimited massage. Adrian can attest to how good a massage I can give when the muscles are screaming bloody murder.

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Something sweet
What’s love without roses. Ok so people have been making jokes that I’m presenting someone with the reproductive organ of a vegetative plant, but in the end flowers are nice. Roses, 2 colours, 2 stalks [the next person who comments that I am kiam siap (stingy) in not getting more will see my fist in their groin] for her 22nd birthday.

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Something sentimental
Cards are a must, it seems every major occasion and festive time, Memory Lane or Hallmark will be getting oodles of cash from me because I can’t resist a good card for someone. Took quite a few hours pouring through the various selection to get one that’s just right, but managed that.

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And the last but most essential component:


Hope she'll love it:)
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