Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Surprise birthday shopping

Firstly, Laura if you’re reading this, eyes off ;)

Just kidding I’m not going to spill what I’m going to buy for you on the 27th, at least until that day is over and you get hold of it :D

Buying presents can be a hassle for some people, certain number of guys will say that it’s just taxing to the point of being grueling. Spend hours walking from store to store, appraising, judging, evaluating, comparing prices, buying, shop for card, go through thousands of mushy ones to find the oh so perfect card, buy wrapping paper, get entangled in a mess while trying to wrap it, clean up and you’re done! But if I may say so it’s always easier for a guy to get something for a girl than it is the other way round. Why? Well the consumer market is quite geared up to offer a multitude of choices for the female shopper, the usual retinue would be cosmetics, clothes, soft toy, candy or cute trinkets departments. These will be the largest floor space takers in any malls and walking by to choose something special for the one you love will be a day long jaunt unless of course you’ve been looking the year round for that special something. For guys it can be a bit hard, besides electronics or menswear (which some of us will reply, “you bought me clothes??!!”), what else is there?

How do you find a great gift for your girlfriend? Well you first would have to know her likes and wants and if you don’t you’d better be careful of a head knocking from her or to witness her disappointed face. Discreet enquiries are good hint finders, while window shopping or mall hopping, just browse through with your girl and make subtle questions to judge her appeal. “Dear isn’t that dress good on you? Try it on and see if it fits. Wow you look great, how do you feel in it? Price too much, oh well maybe you’ll be lucky one of these days and it’ll just appear in your lap” Ta dah discreet and complimentary and oh the look when she sees that on her special day. A gift does not always have to be expensive, what’s more important that it’d be personal, usable and brings about a sentimental value that can be appreciative. If you’re handy with your hands and mind, why not try making something? Ready made gifts are not always good or pleasing, if you’re able to come up with something that is unique all the better. Plus you’ll be sure that there is no other gift quite like it in the world.

Valentines gift Posted by Hello

My valentines day gift to Laura last year

Tired of buying gifts? Why not surprise your loved ones with an experience on her birthday? She’s the adventurous type, buy a trip and travel together for the day or bring her to the beach and pop up a diving experience. Its novel and she’d never expect it. Surprise parties are always good but hard to execute with the need for extreme secrecy, good actors and lots of planning but it would be worth it. Careful that she doesn’t think you’ve forgotten about her birthday before the big surprise! Be a romantic, don’t just give a gift, give her the whole course that you feel she deserves. Start the day with breakfast in bed, serving her a nice spread meal you personally made. Next plan a day out, enjoy a drive somewhere or a nice walk at the nearby park. Spend quality time talking and doing what you both enjoy. Recollect old times and together dream of what’s to come in future. Come back to the surprise of a dozen delivered roses addressed to her. Dress up for dinner and go somewhere exclusive. Tell her price is no object for the night. End the day with drinks and a nice movie. That’ll sure perk someone’s day up :)

Don’t be stingy, if you’re low on cash then consider how to make the best use of what you have but still make your special someone feel that you did all you can to make it a memorable day. It doesn’t always have to be expensive restaurants or costly gifts. She’ll be equally enthralled if she realizes you took the time and effort for her, no matter how small a gesture. If you can cook, save a bit by whipping up a storm and have a nice candlelight dinner at your place. No car to travel to places? A nice walk at the nearby park and lying on the grass to watch the stars in enjoyable (careful of mosquitoes). Movies too expensive? Get a cheap DVD, pop it in the player, dim the lights and share a bottle of soft drinks and snacks. Poetry, don't knock it and say that it's for sissy guys. It's personal, endearing and shows that side of you that she never knew. Gotta thank my English tuition teacher, Ms Jane Lim for that! Treating her doesn’t involve oodles of money and the day would be as special, just the two of you. Love on a budget is the catchword!

I’ve made up my mind what to get Laura already and secretly this morning as she is at class, I’ll sneak out to town and get the stuff I need for that day. As for the day itself, well got a few tricks up my sleeves;) Hope she’ll like it. Onwards to Shop!!!!!

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