Monday, December 20, 2004

23 years old and still ticking on

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It's my birthday! Yup I'm officially 23 today.

Well what's so special about it? Actually nothing much. A day is a day is a day. Since young birthdays really aren't much of a big thing, just a coming of age to mark the day you're conceived into this world. Being a late child which is to mean those born near the year's end, it can be hard at times for being called the baby of the class. People born near January usually seem as if they have a head start in life compared to December babies. My parents keep on telling me that I'm saving a year, running through life faster than most born earlier and ahead of those born a month after. The school holidays often fall into the months of December as well and for the best part of my life I haven't had the chance nor luxury of celebrating with my classmates in school as some of those are able to with their cakes, parties and gift exchange.

The usual ritual in my family would be a quick reminder from my parents wishing me 'Happy Birthday' and the day would proceed as usual, no birthday party, no celebration but to end it, we usually went out for a nice dinner with the family. You might say I am a bit envious, sometimes I think how unfair it was that some of the other kids get to invite their friends to their place, throw a big bash, be able to blow out a cake, have food, drinks and ice cream until I burst and unwrapping the present they brought. Coinciding with a near Christmas date and holiday season would usually find your pals off holidaying or visiting overseas. But over time, this passed and so now I'm content to be alone to enjoy this day, at the very least celebrating it with loved ones closest to me as I'm going to do with Laura this year.

Coming to university has been a very fulfilling experience indeed, not only am I independent and determining my life, living and taking care of my own self without parental supervision, it allowed me to be more of a social person having to cope with quarky roomates and new friends whereas I was often cloistered at home. A nice surprise was the meeting of my former room mate, Adrian. The first day itself, after a harrowing experience of sharing the penthouse with 20 people as rooms were not available at our residence, I moved into an assigned house after waiting for a week. Here there was only one room left and it seems that it's occupant was out for the day with his friends in town. Thus I found myself, roomless and lugging tons of luggage. The only recourse was to set up my bed in the living room and await his return. It was only around 7 p.m. that he stepped through the day, we met eye to eye trying to size each other up. The only two things he noticed about me to instantly warm up to me was that I spoke in English to him and I was reading my Forgotten realms Drizzt saga, two things we were to have in common throughout our friendship. That same night too, when we were on our respective beds, we went on to ask when our respective birthday was, I replied 20th December and he said, "No way I can't believe that, you can't be sharing the same birthday as me!"

So he asked for my ic and I replied 811220 and he showed me his and true enough, 811220. Thus we found out quite by accident the coincidental incident of us being room mates and sharing the same birthday of the same year of birth. Through the time, I've regarded Adrian as being a very good friend indeed, sarcastic at times, unbearable during others but always someone you can depend on anytime of the day. So here's to our 23 years! Happy Birthday. Each year of us being together, celebrating our respective birthday has always been an interesting endeavour, we celebrated with barbeque and booze in Labuan; we threw big bashes of parties with copious amounts of food; we went ahead and invited everyone we knew and had a ball. With him gone, guess I'm reverting to my old self again, the loner and thus no big bash this year, I'm sure he'll be flat drunk by tonight even if he has work to go to tomorrow morning.

There is one question I keep asking people as their birthday. It's, "So how does it feel to be (__fill in appropriate age__)?" Now if someone were to direct the exact same question my way today, guess I'll just say the same the same. So I've managed to survive another year again, what have I accomplished? For one I got over being down and depressed from being dumped by my ex and soon found my heart belonging to a new love, Laura. Secondly, I've managed to get some travel time and visited the Philippines which I loved. Next, this very year I've graduated my degree in science and is now continuing my masters. Lastly, I've my health and enough cash to get me through the next year. So am I happy? Well yes and no, I'm glad that so many good things have gone my way, though I'm disapointed that the uni would not consider my borderline result from a second class upper to a first class. No because there are some regrets, wondering if I've made the right choice to continue my studies instead of working. Too is the fear of what the future holds and would I be able to cope with it? Well another year is looming by and I'm not getting any younger. Here's to heading towards 24 years! Cheers.

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