Sunday, December 05, 2004

December crossings

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Malaysia's tallest man made christmas tree (check Malaysian book of records) during the national level Christmas/New Year celebrations at Kota Kinabalu, 2003.

The year end is both a happy and maybe sad occasion for most. December spells the end of another year or you can say that it ushers in a new year, depending on your viewpoint of the glass being either half full or half empty. By this time too most of us must be feeling year end fatigue, our minds playing through the past year and seeing how we did in our life and reflecting the good as well as the bad. Tired too from the countless festivals and celebrations that had stretched through the last quarter of the year and preparing the needed energy to celebrate the coming year. To many December would just be another month, 2004 will be another year and so will 2005 thus to them nothing to shout about. They neither look back nor forge forward, not letting nostalgia cloud their sentiments and hold them back. The analytical mind will tell you time and dates are an illusion, a man made concept to allow us to chart a physical parameter and nothing more. How do we even know when 2004 ends and 2005 begin exactly but an invention of the human intellect? Thus the changing of a decimal of the year is nothing new, this rite has come and gone for millions of years through the birth and evolution of the earth, what is one more year to us? Me, I can’t do that, I love to reminisce and look back, count the accomplishments and nurse the bad wounds. My follies in dramatized the passing of the year and maybe believe in the illusion that time is really changing at the stroke of midnight and that invisible threshold marks a milestone in our annals of human history. To me each year would be as distinct and different from each other, each a capsule holding back the memories and happenings in my life. So as for looking through 2004 and awaiting December to roll by and usher in 2005, yes I’ll be watching in anticipation and hoping the next year will not be too harsh, will be full of surprises, would be fruitful and hopefully kind to me. It’s a little sad to see 2004 go by but 2005, you’ll be welcomed. Time goes by so fast.

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