Sunday, December 12, 2004

Of suicide jumpers and lost STPM certs

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A little something to complement's GraceShu's entry.

Today was quite happening if I say so myself, Church today was extra long as the Bishop was there to present the third week of Advent (pink frock and all) and thus we were subjected to an extra long subject of figure, patience and impatience. Lasted well over half an hour longer than the usual preaching. Laura is well into the shopping spirit that the Christmas season brings about. To alleviate a little of the stress she has been having lately she decided finally to get a pair of lovebirds/budgies. Was walking early along Gaya Street this morning when she chanced upon them, got an offer for RM 40 for a pair and she chose the blue ones, a pair of male and female ones that can't seem to stop grooming each other. This will go well with their already bulging menagerie of animals in their house, 50 hamsters, 1 gigantic rabbit, 6 white mice, 7 dogs next door and a prowling cat. But she seems happy as she hasn't had birds for a while so I figure she'll be busy tending to the cute things. Later she went and bought a toaster as well for RM29.90. Above all this she had a spree last week going through Chirstmas presents for her family. Well if she enjoys the spirit of giving who's me to stop her merry spirit:)

Beetle fest 2004 was also held today, was walking by when I noticed a long motorcade of old Volkswagen cars and mini vans gathering at the DBKK carpark. Too bad my camera is in the shops being serviced, going out of my mind for not taking pics for the last few weeks since Raya. Hitched a ride back with Laura's housemates who has a car but though we figure they'd head back straight instead they went phone shopping. So poor us had to drag the two little birds in their little box around town as we walked round the chopping complexes. As we headed to Kompleks Merdeka, I was mesmerized to see everyone standing at the curb side at Burger King seemingly looking into the air. My first thought was as if someone was gonna do a sky diving display or there's some promotional stunt around. Turned out to be a situation where a man was trying to jump from the upper floors of Hyatt Kota Kinabalu. Watched in fascination, cursing that I didn't have a camera to record it and sell exclusive rights to the Star (ok so I'm not so bad a guy as to actually do that but the money would be nice). Luckily several hotel personnel managed to get behind the old guy and tackled him back into the room from the ledged he was perched. Else we'd be treated to a large messy splatter at the front of the lobby door. Wonder if the news would be in tomorow's paper?

Laura was again down today this evening, going through her CV writing to apply for her industrial training placement, she found out that she did not have her STPM cert. I enquired if she took it but she said she only had the notification slip and not the cert and that she figured there was no cert for it. Now that I think back, I recall it was a stupid thing that we had to actually go back to school after a six month hiatus after the results were announced to get the cert. I wonder if there were many people out there that didn't realise that they had to do such as no announcements were made every year. What about those that go overseas and cannot retrieve it in person? Anyway anyone out there that knows about the protocol to retrieve your document after 3 years? Does it involve going through the examination board of Malaysia or is it another department? If anyone can help in this manner I'd be appreciative.

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