Saturday, December 18, 2004

Pok Ku: Malaysia's best Blog

Pok Ku Posted by Hello

With so many sites touting themselves of vying for the title of Malaysian best blogs, I've never held the allusion that I might even be a contender in the running. These voting are usually savage with people who are merciless, sly and a take no prisoners attitude by voting low for blogs they think can threaten their favourite and thus vote relentlessly high on sites that does not deserve it or vote extremely low on the score for sites they figure should be eleminated as competitors. It reminds me so much of survivor to the point that the best blog would not necessarily be the best blog but just a survivor of the savage voting process. It's takes a little amusement lately that in the vote running of Best Blogs in Asia Award, the category of Malaysian Blog recently seen developments that astounded me, for weeks Lainie: Always in trouble, somehow was with the highest vote count in the range of 300 plus votes and has been trailing at scores of 9.99 yet today it has been dethroned to a very low score of 1.56, wonder how that happened in the span of a few days? And thus it seems saRah shiReen holds the top dog spot at 9.97 votes with 329 votes. Another amazing fact according to the statistics is blogs such as PapiMami, Screenshots, Looks Easy and are not very impressive in the score department, either there's a lot of people acting antagonistic towards very controversial and outspoken blogs or people just don't like blogs that are too serious but instead cater to more casual talks.

Another forum for awards would be the Asia Blog Award 2004 by Simon World. Here at least there is a well recognition (thanks in part to Jordan's nomination) for Pok Ku's effort and skill as a blogger and many have shown their support for him. Voting is still on till the end of December so if anyone is interested please show your support. Pok Ku I figure you should try for the best blogs in Asia awards listing, would nominate you but seems only the owner of the site can post their entry. Good luck!

I'm not too serious about my entry, I just inserted it to see what attention it would garner (which turns out to be not that many as only 2 people has even deign to vote). But I figure there's one that has been overlooked, I don't know how pervasive is Pok Ku's "Di Bawah Rang Ikang Kering" in the Malaysian Blog scene but if there's ever a best blog I figure he deserves it. I've been following his blog since the start of my blogging experience in September and has been a loyal fan of his posts. His ramblings on his faith, Islam is not preachy but instead turns out to be informative, story oriented and always funny. The first post I chance upon was that of his recalling of the bersunat ceremony in The parting of foreskin, I also find his examples and musings on the Terengganu dialect funny to the point of having me rolling on the floor. His recent article on his journey to visit the Holy Land for his Hajj too is enlightening to the point I wonder if his old colleagues at RTM wouldn't have made a nice documentary about it ala Jejak Rasul :D He writes in a way as if to convey to a personal close friend and it's been a delight that he would answer some of the questions I've had on my mind such as the 'air zam zam' entry. Lastly I can never forget his article on 'Mujo' or something equivalent to the Terengganu version of 'Que sera sera, what will be will be". It was so pervasive it has been forwarded to many people within the country and even out of Malaysia, the only sad part is that acknowledgement was never given to Pok Ku. He doesn't talk about politics, doesn't involve in the rhetoric of religion or get into anything controversial but thats what so good about his blog, it's down to earth, touches on topics ordinary Malaysians much less those not from Terengganu will never know about, his experience as a father, a worker and a person and somewhere along you'll feel as if you've known him for life.

I don't really believe all these Blog awards survey are realy adequate, firstly there's no validating the vote count leading to multiple voting by unscrupulous people and sometimes even certain voters are not objective when reviewing the blogs for their worth. If Project Petaling Street (which I consider a better representation of Malaysian bloggers) ever does conduct a voting for blogs, my vote will be for Pok Ku. Have a read yourself!

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