Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Unobservant eye

Laura Posted by Hello

I am a typical male (ok so I don’t watch football, I don’t googly eye at pretty girl’s buttocks, I don’t drink nor smoke and I don’t care for cars or sports but I have the biological assets to be called one). That said let me relate the incident that led to that statement. Laura has lately been making changes around and as a boyfriend it is an unsaid agreement that I must be alert and wary to spot these changes no matter how small they are. The first catch that I got myself tangled into was when she decided to paint her nails a light pink. This was after I asked her if she ever wore makeup in her life to which she replied she did when she was in secondary school but gave up the practice as it was impractical in the hot Sabah sun and all that walking (mascara runs like hell with sweat). Thus when she did paint her nails and for me, I didn’t notice, gulp. So there’s the first notch on my neck. Secondly yesterday her mom sent her a package and she received a Christmas tree (her last one was accidentally left behind at Daya Kinabalu last year so if anyone sees a petite tree there now, give me a holler). Walking in today I hurriedly passed by her hall and up to her room to pick her up for a lunch meet. So coyly was it said, “Dear, did you see the tree in the hall?” So (breaking out in beads of perspiration and with a vision of doom heading my way) there I stood and without a word to reply. True enough the tree that her housemates and I just got out was beautifully decorated and placed at the corner of the hall. My bad.

Well thus it can be said the male’s eye is not one too discerning (look at White Chicks) at such subtle changes. Okay so women don’t want to advertise with a huge sign stating “Look here, major changes so pay attention!” but give us a little clue as to what we’re suppose to look out for and not just play 20 questions by asking, “Notice anything different today?” The first thing the guy’s mind will be processing will be, “My God what did she change!!!! Think you sorry blob which I call a brain! Ok ok don’t panic, is it the eyes? No same colour and shade. New perfume? Nope zilch there too. Hair! Nah nothing there. Aarrgghhh quick times a running out!” Us guys when regarding the similar sex would probably not even notice major changes say a pierced nose whereas put a bunch of girls together and they can spot the most minute changes there are. So a little leeway could be extended if we don’t get things right the first pass :)

Hehe sorry Laura, guess I’m just not the person that notices the details but I appreciate what you did and when I do notice it (may take some time but I will) I’ll love it. I love the way you paint your nails and I think the job you did on the tree was top mark and oh, the new dress your mum got you makes you look fantastic. Like I always put it, I’m just a blur manatee floating in the sea, blub :p

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