Monday, December 20, 2004

Where in the world in Penang Part 1?

Destination 1 Posted by Hello

(Full description and comments will be revealed in two days or so, for the mean time try to guess where this is and give a little background if you could, good luck on the try)

I’m not a Penangite but I fell in love with the place. So many things have been said about the decline of the island recently and these are from people who actually lived there. Yes Penang has her share of troubles but which city doesn’t? Kl is plagued with bad traffic and a disjointed public transport net, the buildings are overbuilt and people density is soon to rival those in Penang, streets are not as clean as we believe and prices are way high. So why all the sudden Penang? Well it started with a comment by someone famous and soon everyone has gone with “Let’s bash Penang!”

I’ve been to the island twice, once visiting Adrian and another to complete a stint using the electron microscope at USM for my thesis. Both times I was enthralled. Walking around the old tenements, looking at every fine detail, crossing every street, meeting all kinds of people (not all were pleasant encounters) and especially tasting the food! Every morning I’ll start my day with a bowl of Hokkien mee from my friends place in Farlim and downed it with a cheap cup of Kopi-peng. Sometimes I’ll be tempted to try more than my fill of food, ordering Penang Lobak, char kuey tiow, curry mee and hong kong chee cheung fun. Also every time I ask someone I know where they think the best food are, everyone can’t seem to make up their mind as there’s so many places to eat!

Well to deflect some of the negative karma being heaped on Penang, I would like to share some of my photos during my travels in that Island. To those Penang kaki residing there, some are famous, some may not even have stepped into these places though they’re famous elsewhere and some of you might be scratching your head off figuring out where it is. I’ll open the comment box for people to guess for two days and then post a write up to detail the place the following day. Good luck, and to those Penang lovers, try your best okay. I’ll start off easy and progress through the week with even more obscure places of interest. So how well do you know your state?

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