Thursday, January 27, 2005

Sony has my camera hostage

It’s been a long time since I wrote, those of you who follows my blog would note that there has been more photos of my usual contest entry rather than any musings or babble. Well one factor that contributed to this would be the fact that work on my masters has started and intensified over the weeks, from the initial seaweed farm survey to sample collection to reagents procurements. I’ve been cloistered in my little cubby hole of a master’s room (it’s not even ours, we have currently a lack of space and thus our room cum computer technician room is shared) trying out the 10Mbps LAN network to go surfing (when there’s time) to having extended coffee breaks in the cafeteria. Okay so there is the actual lab work but surprisingly the most time consuming of all is looking for people and getting their attention for a signature of approval or to schedule the use of lab equipment usage or some other minor matters that you require their cooperation. It’s been an 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. schedule the past week and after having dinner, spending time at Laura’s there’s hardly anytime left for any of my own pursuit (I’ve another 60 episodes of Ranma half on queue that has yet to be watched plus more assorted animes). Suffice to say that the only thought after 10 p.m. is to drop dead on the bed and die (okay so the dogs have to be fed, the laundry has to be washed and hung, clearing off my table, stocking up the fridge, reading the dailies, etc., 24 hours just doesn’t seem to be enough nowadays).

Enough personal ranting. Last Saturday I had to go rent a car to send my camera for repairs, for the SECOND time in less than a month. Previously I sent it to the shops at Lintas Plaza Kota Kinabalu with a complaint that the menu dial is malfunctioning as the menu system keeps on cycling from shoot to play to the setup screen all in its own accord. This of course makes it hard to snap photos especially close-ups which require time and set up to take and thus an unacceptable occurrence to my new camera. The other thing was a lack of sensitivity on pressing the shutter release problem. Thus with these two complaints I sent the abovementioned device to the service center and was assured that they’ll get it done. Fast forward two months later, countless phone calls to the Sony Center in Kl and Kk, and numerous enquiries the camera came back the same, with all its inherent problems.

The repair form was blank, no action whatsoever was taken on my camera and a telephone enquiry explained that the technician could not find any problems with it, plus also an enquiry about why it took 2 months to fix it was met with the answer that it was new Hari Raya and they were short on staff plus that the Kk center didn’t call me to inform that the camera was already in their position 2 weeks after I made enquiries on its whereabouts. The only difference I noted on work done onto my camera was that the photo count jumped 4000 pictures from the indicator as I sent it for servicing. They took 4000 pictures and did nothing else and made me wait 2 months when I needed it for work and leisure! They could have at least opened it up and check the circuitry which I suspect is in conflict and not just send it back with a note stating that it has nothing wrong with it. I stated that the problem was not the photo taking ability but more of menu conflict, guess the clerk at the Lintas Center couldn’t understand me.

This time I’m taking no chances, I spelt out my complains and the faults present in a 2 page letter to the technician, contemplated making a video displaying the problem as it occurs (last minute revoked as the video play was not high enough a resolution to show what actually happens) and attached the previous work order for good measure on the incompetence of handling during the previous visit. I even added a contact number and asked to be contacted if they still can’t understand the problem (time will tell if they actually paid heed to this and call). So I can’t afford another 2 months of waiting or a return of a defective camera. I’ve always been told of the excellent service imparted by Sony and that is why I’ve been loyal to their cameras changing my Sony P-9 to my Sony P-100. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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