Thursday, January 13, 2005

Theme Thursday: Celebration

Joyous cheer Posted by Hello

Students from SMK Tengku that took part in the motivational games held by us. This group was the only successful one at the egg toss event. Very simply the objective of the game is to be as creative and ingenious as possible when handed an egg, some straws and a length of sticky tape. Constructing a protective shell for the egg which will will have to withstand being dropped from the first storey of a building is no easy task. 6 teams tried, 5 walked away with smashed egg goo and shell fragments over the floor. This team had cause for celebration as their package was being unwrapped and lo and behold, a perfect egg without a single crack.

The not so victorious Posted by Hello

For the not so victorious (the second picture is a little humor on my part) :D hara kiri anyone? Now now don't have to take defeat that hard now right? Whats important is everyone have fun and everyone is a winner.

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