Tuesday, January 25, 2005

To all a happy Thaipusam

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I had the privilage of once attending the Thaipusam festival held at Batu Caves about 2 years ago, since then I still long to visit and gather photos of the event yet prevented by distance and schedule. It is one of the more known celebrations pertaining to Hindu culture here in Malaysia and the yearly pilgrimage has been shown on such famous spots such as GlobeTrekkers and Lonely Planet. Devotees fast, observe abstenance and conduct acts of faith such as the mentally and spiritually demanding kavadi carrying (huge metal constructs decorated with elaborate designs borne on their bodies with hooks and spikes). Kavadi carriers are often in a trance and thus when the spikes and roads are inserted into their bodies, there is an absence of blood and pain. Others carry milk containers or wield their kids upon sugarcane hung cloth for blessings with a ritual shaving of the baby's head. Some go to fulfill a vow to Lord Murugan, others to pay penance or thanksgiving while some seek healing or better treatment of their lives. Processions are held where devotees parade from one destination to the next with the main event culminating with the chariot of Lord Murugan and the devotees arriving and ascending the steps to Batu Caves. Celebrations are also held on a grand scale in Penang with processions and coconut breaking.

To all Malaysians especially those celebrating the festival, Happy Thaipusam.

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