Monday, February 07, 2005

20 situations causing you to miss a good photo

  1. Your camera is in the shop and they take their own sweet time to fix it.
  2. You’re overloaded with stuff and you’d figure nothing interesting would happen if you go out for a few minutes and it does.
  3. Your friends are tagging along and they are complaining of your frequent stops in the hot sun, you taking too long and of your direction to places they would not normally go like the back alley of Petaling Street.
  4. The cat you are trying to get a shot of does not cooperate and continues licking herself at the rear while you wait.
  5. You’re too shy and don’t want to offend people especially those that you want to take a picture of.
  6. The sun is blazing hot outside, you have the air condition on and tucked in a nice warm bed cover early in the morning and decide that it’s too good a day not to sleep in.
  7. You’ve got to work and there’s no question of you going out for a photo shoot.
  8. You’re stuck in a relative’s house and your cousin who has the car decide that she is too lazy to get out of the couch to fetch you to your destination.
  9. You’re about to head out with your car to shoot some pictures and your mum asks you to become the chauffeur for your siblings and fetch them from tuition to tuition.
  10. People giving you the evil eye as if your photo taking is going to take away their soul.
  11. You’re about to snap a photo and suddenly your screen flashes with the battery low sign and automatically shuts off, reminding you that you forgot to charge your batteries after your last trip.
  12. People all starring at you because they think you are nuts to point your gigantic camera and lens at the char kuey tiao you’re about to eat in Gurney Drive and you back off not wanting to look like you’ve just escaped from Tanjung Rambutan (lunatic asylum).
  13. Your trip involves getting immersed in sea water, situations where you’ll get soaking wet, requires you to use your hands instead of holding the camera or would cause irreparable damage to your camera if you bring it along.
  14. You forgot you left the camera on your room desk after you exited the house, locked the door, started the car and drove out of the driveway and is too lazy to get out and run upstairs to retrieve it.
  15. Your friend asks you to borrow your camera and after a month forgot they ever took it from you and thus never returning it to you until you kacau them back for it.
  16. Entering a site which states in BOLD “NO PICTURE TAKING”.
  17. Your friends which you went along on holiday together keeps on insisting you take their photo which never changes in posing styles or people in the group thus filling up your precious memory space, although you’d prefer to take pictures of other subjects that don’t involve them.
  18. You take a picture of some kids and they stick to your like glue and try to get in front of all the subsequent shots you’re going to take.
  19. Security personals decide that you might be a terrorist because you were hanging around the Prime Minister’s Department too long with your camera and snapping away around the place and thought it prudent to bring you in for questioning.
  20. Your girlfriend says come to bed and you decide that it is a more worthwhile prospect than trudging through the elements for a photo.

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