Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I’m a rooster!!!! And I’m going home.


Rooster for sale at Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu, 2005.

Cock a doodle dooooo….. Yup second lunar cycle for me I’m a rooster (I still wonder why its call year of the rooster and not year of the hen or year of the chicken, so masochist one! If this is then case the year of the horse would be called year of the mare and the year of the goat into year of the billy goat, maybe the woman movement would like to take a look into this). I don’t know why I’m feeling ecstatic that this is my animal horoscope conjunction, maybe its nothing, maybe there’s something to it but I’m generally feeling geared up to greet this coming New Year. Did I mention I was going back home this year? Yup, flight tickets are in hand (booking number in Air Asia’s case), arrangements made for dad to pick me up at the Kuantan Airport and bags are packed (okay so I’ve just dumped everything I figured I’d bring back into it, will promise to sort it out later!) and gearing to leave.

Taking a 9.45 p.m. flight on Air Asia from Kota Kinabalu Terminal 2 to KLIA on Thursday. Some people might think this is a bit crazy to catch a flight that reaches KL at midnight but with the risk of Air Asia’s flight being delayed or held up due to delays as espoused by Mei, I’m not taking chances as Laura’s flight (yes she’s travelling with me back), to Perak is on a one flight a day basis at 1 p.m. and the first flight from Kk is 10 a.m., that’s a bit cutting things too close for comfort in terms of transit between two competing airlines, thus the justifiable reason for the midnight jaunt.

I don’t know what we’ll do there, barring rescheduling we’ll most probably have a 12 hour wait between flights. I’ve never been at KLIA for the night, though some of my friends have tried this especially during the Chinese New Year rush, so I don’t know what to expect. People often say the temperature at night there is freezing cold so I’m packing a few jackets in case. I wonder if the shops are open or do they close for the night, it would be a welcome sight if Mc Donald was up 24/7 and we can get some hot caffeine in our system for the long wait. To strafe off boredom I’m packing a few good books for the journey as well as stocking my laptop full of animes that I haven’t had the time to watch to while away the time. Haha maybe going to emulate Tom Hanks in the Terminal and sleep on benches and eating Burger King (oh wait there isn’t one dang).

I’ve called up a few friends and some have replied that they’ll be home for the holidays and I’m looking forward to see them after so long a time. Some would already be working, others who are in the medical field would be completing their clinicals by now and others well maybe some are still studying (for those with four years requirements) or continuing their masters. Whatever we’re doing in life now it’ll be good to catch up over a nice dinner or even just for drinks. Most importantly would be going back home, it’s been more than six months ever since August after my industrial training jaunt and working at my uncles, I’m sort of missing home even though I’m not the too sentimental type, and also my dog Lucky. Sis has been chasing me to get her the new Phantom of the Opera OST. More importantly I get to have my own room again!!! Man going to be a lot of spring cleaning in there after so long.

No real concrete plans there yet, I’ve only about 10 days off from work, 4th of February to 12th February so I plan to make the most of it. Will be in Kuantan mostly, my aunt and uncle from my mum’s side will be down from Penang to visit grandma and most probably we’ll head down KL to visit my father’s side on the second day of CNY (need to hit Kinokuniya and MPH as well as Low Yat before I head back to KK to get books and pirated DVD box sets). Whatever the plans, it’s just a fuzzy feeling to go back and be amidst family for the celebrations. Countdown 2 days to blast off!!!

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