Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ode to Air Asia

Please grant me this one wish tonight,
That nothing will happen to my scheduled flight,
No changes in schedule, cancellations or delays,
Nor any of the other problems putting me in dismay.

Please know it is very late at night,
Do your utmost best to make things right,
It’s been a long day of work today,
All I ask is to be safely on my way.

Hurry, hurry, make sure your schedule’s tight,
Quick, quick, may your crew’s feet be light,
I’m sure your work doesn’t take all day,
How do you manage your airway?

On the dot let the plane be in sight,
A timely takeoff would be a delight,
Godspeed we all will wish to say,
Till we land promptly at KLIA.

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