Monday, February 07, 2005

Of haircuts and new clothes

It’s a day away from Chinese New Year (CNY) eve and I’m sure everyone is busy with preparations to go some place and the jam is already starting with mass exodus out of major city centres to ‘balik kampung’ (return to the village, also used to expressed a journey back to visit their family especially elders at their home state) also for those jamming up the Kl-Gambang roads to head for a spate of gambling in Genting later. Haven't been writing much, been enjoying a long needed break and the comfort of my own bed to the point that I’m getting soft in the head and larger in the belly from all the great home cooked food.

So much to do in a such a few days before I’ve to leave again (I wanna stay here waaahhhh!!!). Barely have time to finish the 5 months worth of National Geographic magazines I subscribe to much less CSI box set for season 4, CSI Miami boxset season 1 & 2, Sex and the City boxset season 1 to 4 and 24 season 3 plus several miscellenious movies. Yes I’ve been on a serial spree the last 3 days that I’ve been back, its been back to back episodes of serial till my brain burst, but its great! There have been so many items vying for my attention that reading my daily bloggers have been put on hold. Why posting an item up has also been a bit slow due to things here.

Everyone would be rushing to the malls to get their new year shopping done, looking out for clothes to wear while visiting family others planning a party and grabbing tons of food for it. Yesterday went to Berjaya Megamall Kuantan to drop my sis off for a day out with friends and it was packed. They redid the lower shopping floor, most of it taken over by Parkson (two previous permanent retail outlets went out of business) and a new wing of Popular has opened there, quite a nice setup if I may say. Well I’ve never really bought any clothes throughout the year and yesterday was no exception. Some people would be screaming out ‘WWWhhhhhaaattt!!!!???” from the top of their lungs, but that’s just me. Some think of the New Year as a new beginning and new clothes symbolize a new start to the year. I still have tons of clothes either through my own shopping through the year (I barely max 2 to 3 clothing purchases a year) or given as giveaways from others (which I never ever get round to wearing). I’m comfortable with what I have now and they are still in serviceable condition (this depends on the lookers, my girlfriend has been chiding me about the sun bleached condition of my shirts and there are patches on my pants). Still got to consider about the colour though, elders ‘pantang’ (taboo) on certain colour schemes, especially black and dark colours. Maybe I’ll go safe with a few tan or earthy colours, but no red!

Dad too has been nagging about the state of my long hair, left it to grow long (don't worry didn't reach shoulder length, just that the sideburns was starting to itch) on purpose to save some cash and also so that my regular barber here in Kuantan can attend to it (the hair stylist in Kk usually takes half an hour more than him to do the same job and prices also extra $$$). Today went to get it done and now spotting a short crop. Hassle has also been directed at me to get my room in order as by tomorrow, sweeping the house or throwing anything out would be another taboo (as if sweeping away your next year’s luck out the door). Still no plans yet of what to do, a few friends are confirmed back, others are heading straight for their hometown. My aunt, uncle and cousins will be heading to Kuantan and by New Year’s Day we will be heading down Kl. Man times pass by so fast, it feels like I just landed yesterday and the day to my return flight can be felt on the near horizon. Happy Chinese New Year everyone.

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