Monday, February 21, 2005

Who gave that B***h a license?!?!

On Sunday I had the unfortunate experience to have someone kiss my butt (my car’s that is)! Returning after Sunday service at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Laura and I was game for a day of relaxation after two harrowing day and night of tension at completing her thesis. As we headed our way to Wisma Merdeka to go shopping and have lunch, we were cruising along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman near the GSC cinema minding our own business. We slowed down near the roundabout as traffic was heavy, then it happened. It started with a long screech and in a split second which felt like ages there was a crash and immediately followed by another crash and our car lurched. I was going to scream out Christ sakes and hoped that what I thought happened didn’t happen (wishful thinking).

Turning back, yup the inevitable was staring me in the face, a Kembara (number plate SAA240E) behind me had just bumped into my back bumper. Holding in the multitude of swear words in Hokkien I learned from Adrian I got out of the car, around us the weekend traffic was building up and here we were a three car pile up on the main artery of town. The first thing I did was check the damages, two huge depressions were imprinted like craters on our back door and there were a few cracks on the bumper courtesy of the Kembara. Not too bad a damage but still damage all the same, plus this wasn’t our car as it was a rental.

Let me recount, what happened was when we stopped the Kembara behind us did the same and at the last second a speeding blue Kancil behind them didn’t make it (number plate WKF7742, if anyone see her please whack the hell out of her for me next time). Thus they went with such a force that the Kancil’s front was folded inwards in half while the huge Kembara was brought forward to hit unfortunate me. Thus we did what was natural, we talked business. From the scenario, it was clear the fault belonged to Miss blue Kancil who ploughed at warp speed into heavy traffic. At first she said she would settle as would be proper but a last minute twist in which she denied it was her fault resulted in all three parties heading to the Traffic Police to lodge a report.

First point, this is a rental car, my insurance would not be part of the claim no matter whose fault was it thus it would’ve been the best solution for her to pay damages to the shop owner which is estimated to be around RM300, this she would not do. Second, if in effect that she would not pay, I would most probably have to cough up the damages myself which would kill me on the spot. Thirdly, the shop owner didn’t proceed in claiming insurance in this matter and thus we were at a deadlock.

Last minute haggling in which would provide the ideal solution in her paying my smaller claim as compared to the Kembara’s back which she mangled would have made my day. The idiot of a woman not only still denied she was at fault, she even acted as if we were the bad guys here, that just made me so pissed off. Maybe the Kembara’s owner was right, we should have slapped her face and spit on her, not for the fact that she caused the accident but for the fact that she put us off and shrug her responsibility. Next we found out she had RM1500 worth of unsettled summons (Why oh why didn’t JPJ take this mad person off the road before she crossed my path?) and she kept on saying she had no money to pay us and kept on lamenting how much it would cost her to repair her car, right what about me!

Thus after no recourse, we made the police report and whatever happens I would have the satisfaction to see her miserable with her having to pay her summons, her insurance paying huge amounts to the Kembara’s owner and her having to pay her way out to repair her mangled car. At least the Kembara will have the option of claiming from her insurance, I have not the luxury. The only thing that made my blood still boil is I would not be able to do anything about it, as it’s not my car, I cannot claim insurance from her. So in the very end I ended up the loser of the day without recourse to settle in my favour. Talking with the car owner, he said he would waver the repair fees but I would still have to come out with RM135 for the three days the car would be out of service in the workshop. So I’m RM135 poorer with no means to get my money back from that B***h.

I hope she never gets to drive another day in her life for putting me in such a situation, not only ruining my day but also denying me the fact that I was the wronged party with legitimate claims for compensation. I really don’t know what to do about it anymore than just swallow my loss. Suing her would be nice but who asked her to be in such poor financial state, it’s not worth it. Why couldn’t it be a richer person that caused the accident, RM300 for them is not much, for me it’s really hurts my wallet. Sigh, drivers like these should be shot. Anyone has any suggestions or recourse in this matter? Die B***h, rue the day if I ever see your face again!

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