Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Ahriman’s Prophecy

The PC has been facing a very bad dearth of adventure and RPG games of late. Gone are the days of Fallout and Baldur’s Gate. Stumbling into this little nugget from the Star, I was a bit sceptical but it proves that superior graphics and complicated game play are not what makes a RPG great but the storyline. The graphics may look a bit outdated compared to top notch graphic card guzzling games nowadays but it brings back memories of games like Chrono Trigger and sure it is somewhat based on the same engine. Developed by independent game developer Amaranth Productions, Ahriman’s Prophecy is a freeware that is available for download.

You follow the life of Talia and her escort Devin on a trip to save the world from what might be a grave disaster. Combat is played out in real time and with a simple hit of the spacebar (no mouse controls). You travel via a keyboard directional layout which your journey will take through a 2D game map to complete objectives. The standard mode of gaining experience and increasing stats by obtaining weapons, armour and items are available. Along the way you will find various followers that will join you on your journey but are limited to 4 at a time. Quests are varied and very fresh. This range from the usual kill the bad guy or retrieve an item to receive rewards, you can even fall in love. Tile sets are as varied bringing you trudging through large jungles to heat emitting deserts to icy tundra. Humour is found in abundance and you will catch several Easter eggs within the game that will be most familiar to RPG players (no spoilers but look out for a certain amphibian from Chrono Trigger and also a dog humanoid from Escaflowne).

It does not try to be new, nor is there any surprises in stall, what it does do is take the best elements and tried and true methods from its predecessors and combine them to make an interesting, playable and fun game. Storyline is well written and there are hardly any bugs at all that will impede the game. It’s really been a while since a good RPG has come to my hands, it promises 60 plus hours of game play and you’ll like every bit of it. If there is nothing occupying your gaming time, try it, its free. Download it here.

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