Friday, March 18, 2005

Theme Thursday: Water


The kampung (village) huts are mostly built on stilts, situated a distance away from shore, movement of the inhabitants are mostly by boat; either paddled or motorized. The numerous islands located in the Semporna district makes it a unique place to live more so that many of the locals are of the Bajau Laut stock, a people from long ago that seldom set foot on land, preferably living their life in their boat, birth, childhood, marriage, work, life. The only time they ever do see dry land is to be buried. Fishing, seaweed farming and small scale farming are the main economic activities found here in the islands. Though many are now modern in nature, some still do continue this tradition. Semporna, Sabah, 2004.


bayibhyap said...

That would be my idea of a holiday away from it all. :)

mushsis said...

great shot - I love everything about it from the boat in the foreground, to the huts and that amazingly green-blue water, to the mountains in the background.
I'd love to see a bigger version. beautiful :)