Friday, April 15, 2005

Gurney Drive


Gurney Drive being redeveloped? Well hope they do a good job and not another Petaling Street makeover. It'll be sad if the place loses it's character due to some half hearted efforts to bring 'progress' and 'changes' to it. Leave the musty ocean stink, the jammed roads, the inconsiderate car parkers and cramped quarters as it is. It's attractions; a whole street full of eateries and one of the largest concentration of Penang style food you would want to dig into, a nice Esplanade stretches along the coastal road with a clear view of the sea and condos in the background as well as several shopping malls such as Gurney Plaza. Dunno but Penangites often don't recommend me to go there to eat, says it's already caters too much to tourists, the prices are high and there are better food fare elsewhere on the island state that deserves more acclodes. Gurney Drive, Penang, 2004. For more info and pics read Penang Faces.

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