Saturday, April 30, 2005

i-gizmo: Shadows


We were lucky we made it in time just when the manggo season was in full swing in the Philippines, for less than a few Ringgit we could purchase a whole kilo of sweet ripe golden fleshed morsels ready to be served as dessert after a quick chill in the fridge. They were to be found everywhere, the markets were ladden with them and various articles of foodstuff from halo-halo, ice cream, drinks and dried produce are made from manggoes. Bolinao, Philippines, 2004.


5xmom said...

Hey they don't look like mangoes, more like coconuts shells, polished and varnished. Like the way you play with the shadows. *sigh* My kid broke my Minolta Z3 camera, gone to repair shop for 2 weeks and more. But nvm, I still have my 1.3MP (shy shy) Canon Power Shot A10

Kervin said...

Hehe coconuts! Yeah maybe they do look like them XD Sorry to hear about the camera hope you never meleter your kid too much, aspiring photographer but still need to learn how to handle his equipment hehe :D