Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Photo Tuesday: Music


A street musician playing his violin to earn his daily bread. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, 2003.


Anonymous said...

Wow, he is still alive and still playing his violin on the street! I remember seeing him countless of time in town especially the Segama area. My recollection of him goes back about 16 years ago. I think his disability was probably due to polio contracted when he was young (Any doctors reading this, please correct me if I am wrong). He walks with his knees instead of his feet. Looking at him in this picture from my current perspective, it makes me wonder about his background and history. The next time if I saw him, I'll see if I can boost up my courage and talk to him

Kervin said...

Wow he has been there that long? Never knew that. Many familiar faces I see everyday as I walk past town, the path stretching along the Bank Negara building has its regulars including a whole family, a man with an amputated arm and a small daughter, another mother with an infant, an old chinese lady that does her washing by the Post office, countless blind musicians every Sunday at the Gaya tamu, it would be interesting to know their story, wonder why no one ever set out to find out, even their name. Sadly nowadays many street children are also seen near the Segama area and market areas.