Saturday, April 16, 2005

Streamyx out again?

Everything was fine, up to around 4.30 p.m. when my line suddenly got cut and Streamyx wasn't functioning as it should. Redialing showed an error message of the server not responding and thus no Streamyx. I was worried it had to do with my side, either the modem was done for or the phone lines were out but connecting to the phone showed normal ring tone and the ability to dial out while connecting directly to Jaring got me online so I surmise that Streamyx was the one out cold. Called to the 1300 number to find out what was wrong only to be greeted with a voice automated message saying they regret to inform users that the service was facing some problem of an unmentioned nature and services would be resumed as soon as possible. Yeah right after last week's slowdown now this, what is happening to Telekom and Streamyx? New branding, new logo; better improve your service before spending millions on your corporate image. Anyone know what is happening here? Please enlighten me.

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