Saturday, April 16, 2005

Wahlau! RM 273 Streamyx bill???


My first reaction to reading the total printed on the first bill from TMnet was my jaw dropping onto the floor in disbelief. I thought I'd understood all the terms and conditions stipulated when I signed up for the RM99 plan but RM273?! What the heck went wrong? Where did the extra charges come from? Stated above was two itemized billing; RM75 for installation and the rest was for service charge. I can understand the RM75 but what about the extras? Nothing to do but to call Cyberjaya and try to clear it out. The receptionist was well mannered and helpful and within 10 minutes she cleared the matter up stating that the charges was for the months of March and April, which I found strange as it is only the 16th and they have already charged me for the month, moreso the billing date was 5th April. Man they're fast in collecting their money whereas providing the service took ages. Guess my pocket will be smarting this month in paying up the rate. I'd rather hope they don't spring this on me again, if another bill for April comes in the coming month I'm going to scream bloody murder.


t2k said...

ouch..that sure is a little odd. it did not happen to me before though..very odd. >_<

Anonymous said...

You did not get the RM75 waived?

mrkiasu said...

I really don't know what to say, they are always like that .

Kervin said...

t2k: Sigh seems like it always happens to me :(

Anonymous: Didn't know there was an option for waver? How do you go about that?

mrkiasu: Heard people grumbling about it before thats why I used to go with Jaring dialup as compared to TMNet.