Thursday, May 19, 2005

Theme Thursday: Play


Sepak raga being played by youths. Kota Belud, Sabah, 2004.


MB said...

Wonderful - I love the smile on the man in the back!

Lora said...

Good shot! The colors are beautiful.

Neefer said...

Great picture.

Kervin said...

Insta Marv: Me too :D

Lora: Love pagentry, everyone tends to come out in the most elaborate and colourful costumes.

Neefer: Thanks for dropping by.

Chris Lee said...

Nice picture.
I think it can be better to show more the man at back who smiling.
Also the one who riding the horse's head better not "crop out".

Kervin said...

chris lee: Yeah I realized that, without a fast shutter camera I had to position the lens on the main figure to anticipate him hitting the ball so the background composition was secondary.