Thursday, May 05, 2005

Theme Thursday: Sky


Sunset over Likas area, never was one similar to another throughout the year, each has it's own beauty and distinction. Likas, Kota Kinabalu, 2003.


msdedi said...

beautiful sky

mmulibra said...

Looks like a nice painting

Lucia Lai said...

how come i made a comment at haloscan comment and yet the count shows nil?

btw OT here, why have 2 different kind of comments? i see a few others too have 2 different kind of comments and i can't really understand why. i mean yes the reason is that some people prefer to use haloscan while some prefer to use blogger but the thing it doesn't really matte... at least to me (my own view) as both comments accept everybody.

Kervin said...

msdedi: thanks

mmulibra: Love the sunsets here in Sabah, once I wanted to start a project to take one sunset a day to show there were no two alike and each was unique but shifted from my abode on a hill to a place hemmed in by housing so no good vantage point. Yes it does look like God's canvas :D

Lucia: Mmm yeah I had haloscan when I thought the service was great until I found out my comments will be archived after four months, even after I switched back when Blogger upgraded their commenting to allow people not signed in to comment but I felt disheartened to delete my haloscan with all my previous comments on it, so its a problem there :( Blogger is better at this moment since haloscan is a pay service with restrictions. As for the comment don't know why it doesn't appear on the count.

Lucia Lai said...

oic so that's why you have 2 comments.

but if i'm not mistaken after 4 months (in your case), the comments does not disappear but the comments count will show nil. yes though you have say 10 comments but the count will show nil as though you have none BUT if you click on the comments, you will manage to see the comments. that's how it is with my comments i see. even comments as old as 1 year, are still there but the count shows nil.