Monday, June 20, 2005

6 legs better than 4

When I saw the news on this little fellow, my heart just broke and all I can think about was how cute, where can I get one just like him! Seriously take a look at that cute face and say you can't love him.

Sadly not many people would agree, all they will see is an abhorrent natural freak that does not deserve to belong anywhere in the realm of acceptance. That is just wrong! So what if the pup is different? So what if he has six legs and two penises, it’s still a dog and deserves all the loving we would give to any of the other furry canines out there. It’s sad to see it dumped in the temple as if no one would want him because he’s just so special. P.s. he reminds me so much about the multi legged cat bus from Totoro.

Society can be cruel, when one does not fit in, one tends to get ostracized and made to feel that you don’t belong. It's a cruel fate on the pup but hey the more legs the better to run with right? Hopefully with the temple’s care, the pup will live a fulfilling life no matter what life has handed down for him. Hey with two penises I’m sure he’ll be popular with the bitches hehe. Good life to you a very special six legged pup.


Metria said...

Whoever dumped him, did it in the right place. At least the people at the temple realise how special he is. Whoever dumped him didn't realise what a beauty they had on their hands.

Kervin said...

metria: It's lucky he was given to the right people, any other less thoughtful people might have drowned or even wrapped him in a gunny sack and throw them in the dumpster as the fate of so many unwanted pups and cats out there.