Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Gun slinger sis


I'm going to let you all guess which is my sis hehe, so which do you consider chun?

My sis is currently fretting about being chosen for the national service program for this year. Yup she is still bewildered why the government is coming out with the list before the SPM exams are even out which she says will cause her friends and her to worry even before they face their exams. So far the confirmation of whether she will be enrolled or not is still elusive. Accesing the website is not bearing fruit since the traffic is so darn high and no news is as yet forthcoming.

It's a little strange to think that my MTV loving, Chinese drama viewing, love to stay at home sis would have to undergo semi military training. She's too entrenched in urban comfort living, maybe a little army makeover would do wonders. At least she won't be too unfamiliar with rugged life since she is part of the St. John's society although she never has really spent a night in the 'wilderness' before. Anyway the NS training seems more like a summer camp than a para military regime from what I see. At least the decision of allowing firearms has not been determined yet so I don't have to worry that she would turn into this;

Image of Lara Croft sourced from here

Man having a sister who knows how to whoop my ass by discharging bullets in my direction is not my cup of tea :D Well she is hoping among hopes in not getting selected so that she can take her driving license after the exams and begin accumulating dents on my father's new car. Lucky I won't be there to have to sit and accompany her for her first few drives after passing the test like my dad hoped it would when I was just a greenhorn behind the wheel.

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