Monday, June 27, 2005

Hey Miss, happy 25th!


Happy Birthday Ang May Yen! You're 25, old already :D Anyway at least you're still young at heart.


May Yen frying the ingredients for her pasta.

May Yen decided that for her 25th she would invite the lot of us as well as a couple of other friends to a party hosted at her place. Her selling point would be her aunt's secret fish pasta recipe and potato salad (she claims her cooking hasn't killed anyone yet so it's ok with us). I as usual kena tarik to become her fryer since they're afraid of dealing with boiling oil, never mind lah count as her birthday present for all the rides to uni she has been giving me of late. So it was a Sunday afternoon and I was pooped out from my trip down town to meet Applegal but a promise is a promise and promptly at 3 p.m. I was whisked to their place at Phase 1 Taman Kingfisher.


May Yen and Chen Fong stealing the fries while waiting for the other late comers.

They all went shopping the previous day so their fridge was bursting to the seams with foodstuff. Her pasta was made first and somehow we were very bad in estimating how much to cook for the guests and decided making extra is better off than less. Quite a simple recipe;

3 cans of tomato puree
2 cans of whole tomatoes in sauce
1 whole can of tuna chunks in oil
1 can of anchovies
1 whole capsicum green pepper (diced)
Half a packet of mixed vegetables
2 cloves of garlic
1 whole onion
Mixed herbs to taste
Sugar and salt to taste
Tomato ketchup and chilli sauce to taste
2 packets of instant pasta

Our effort in making the potato salad too was fun;

1.5 kg of potatoes
1 whole packet of mayonaise
5 eggs (boiled)
1 whole onion
A few table spoons of mustard
Mixed spice to taste

Next I had to fry the tons of western dishes they had, a whole packet of Ramly's chicken nuggets, 2 packs of fries and a whole pack of 32 sausages. Man that's a lot, by the end of it was all oily and sweaty. Also made some fruit punch to go along with the dishes.


Finally the rest arrived albeit half an hour late from the appointed 6.30 p.m. Here seen enjoying the various food served.

The dishes were done half an hour before the guests are due to arrive. Needn't have worried they came late as Malaysian usually do. Kung Han went to fetch three chemistry friends of theirs, one a master here at UMS, two others from Miri (married) here on holiday. Johleen and Chen Fong arrived promptly as appointed so were conscripted to prepare the other needs. Dr. Charles (our masters supervisor) and family were also invited.


Isaac here, "Where's my food!"

All in all there were 13 of us present. Commenced by digging into the food. Somewhere in between we realized that there really was too much food and it seems the people there cannot really eat much. But hey it's a party. Pasta was nice, the salad dissapeared quickly and the rest of the fried stuff with it. In the end everyone was clutching their bellies in agony (overstuffed that is not food poisoning).


The cake voila! Nice.

Then it was time to get the cake out. We went to Sun Merry bakery in nearby Kingfisher park to get it. Agreed we wanted a marbled cheesecake which was not easy to find in Sabah. Looked nice, 1.5kg at RM45 is quite a good deal. The surprise came when we were cutting it, we found out to our luck it was half ice cream and half cheese cake. Either the bakery screwed up the order or we were just damn lucky as the original price quoted to us for an ice cream cake was RM70 for a kilo. Even as everyone initially groaned with aching bellies from over eating, we soon got motivated to munch into this dessert.


Aaw! Here's Isaac giving the birthday girl a kiss. Though he later took glee at whacking her.

Isaac does have one particular habit, which is whoever birthday it is, he insists that it is also his and takes pain to make it clear that he will be included in the cake blowing and cake cutting part of it else a tantrum ensues. So he got to share in the joy of another birthday albeit not his.


Cheng Yi having fun wolfing down the cake, ooooo sweet lovely ice cream cheese cake, I want!

Next up was the present unwrapping ceremony. First one was from Dr Charles's kids Isaac and Gabriel. And she got a nice handphone stand, cute two with the two little patch bears by the side. As for us lab mates, we all pooled our cash and got her some much essential items. The first one was tada.....

Some seat belt adjusters. Cheng Yi her best friend knew she had been complaining that the seat belts in her Kancil were chockers for short people which they both are. So this was a godsend. Now she can drive with ease. Lastly she was all smiles when she opened the next gift. It was an original VCD for the movie "Constantine". She never did catch it and the one her bro got for her was not working and she had been crabbing all about it the whole time thus now she couldn't wait to hit the computer.


Cute handphone holder from Dr. Charles's kids.


Seat belt adjusters, short people should not leave home without it.


Finally it's "Constantine, John Constantine". All the woman are swooning over Keanu.


Group pic (without me of course) of all the party attandees.

The party ended quite early, round 9 p.m. but we were all pooped and since tomorrow is a workday and though it's her birthday boss didn't give cuti (holiday). There were tons of leftover food after that. The paste were loads more, enough to last them for 2 dinners at least. Fries we tapau for tomorrow at lab, my dog, Lady was quite happy to munch away at the leftover sausages and nuggets that I brought back but the potato salad proved the favourite item there. Well it was fun, happy 25th old girl and maybe again next year!

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