Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sleepless in Kk


I envy this easily dozing pup, wish I was in such a state of sleepful bliss at the moment. Lady Marmalade the first day we brought her back from the tamu at Gaya Street. 2004, Kota Kinabalu.

It's 3 a.m. and I found out one important thing in life.....

Drinking a large mug of double dose coffee near midnight and a room full of savage mosquitoes don't mix!!!

Okay so I've already said I'm a coffee junkie and can't survive squat without my daily fix (actually I can but what fun would there be in that?). Thus a busy day and heavy schedule equates to the missed opportunity of my usual lunch hour drinking binge, thus the boiling mug of beans being gulped down near 11 p.m.

Usually this wouldn't be a problem since my immune system has developed somewhat of a tolerance level for caffeine, built up over the years and the mug or two of it would never hinder a sound night of sleep. But it had to be the darn mosquitoes which ruin things. Maybe I should've known better than to leave my balcony door open for 'circulation' since it is a hot night and my fan is out of commision due to excessive 'squeaking'. Thus I've just invited a whole host of blood suckers into my abode to feast on a buffet spread since there is no other person in the room to offer as a buffer (usually my roomie would be the first one to get bitten in any event before they decide to feed on me, wonder why is that?).

So that is how I found myself wide eyed with caffeine fully shooting through my bloodstream and multiple scratching zones with no way to get back to sleep. That was also how I ended up surfing most of the night, changing the setting of my blog template (notice the nice Flickr daily zeitgeist box on the side?) and reading through most of the Malaysian blogsphere entries. Well it's already 5.20 a.m. in the morning and by Sabah standard the sun will soon be rising around 6 a.m. and another day of work is going to start in another 2 hours time, the question now is should I even try to get some much needed shut eye in this small time frame or just the heck with it, take a cold shower and slog like a zombie to work.

Note to self, in future reduce the amount of midnight coffee intake or at the very least make sure you kill every little bloodsucker through extensive fumigation before you turn in. Yawn!

P.s. this might no longer be news but congratulations on their appearance on the Star's article on Malaysian blog scene Blogger 'r' us; kudos to Peter (The Digital Awakening), Claire (Minishorts.net), Tew (As Suanie Sees It) and not forgetting Kenny Sia (When Routine Isn’t Exactly Normal). Also not forgetting about Jeff Ooi's recent success in being named Freedom Blog Asia. It must surely be proud that Malaysians and international readers voted to push Screenshots to the fore. Hopefully the positive exposure of these blogs will shed better light to the public on the Malaysian Blogosphere, keep up the good work guys and gals.


Adrian said...

Hee hee! no more me or stick or pat to buffer you eh? poor thing!!!

KS said...

eh... who r u calling stick?