Friday, June 24, 2005

Yikes it's a girl and I'm topless

What a rush! A few days ago I casually SMSed my roomie to ask him when he is coming back since term starts early July. Imagine my surprise when he messaged back and said eerrr this Sunday. Dang that’s a bit short on notice.

Now I’ve to quickly clean the house, re-arrange his furniture and make the room presentable all before the week ends. Has it really been near 3 months that everyone left to go back for the holidays? Time does pass by fast that’s for sure.

So now I’ve to arrange for the grass cutter, clear the front porch, make the kitchen presentable, sweep the floor, mop the room, clean the fan, wash the gunk from the toilet, arrange the room and return my roomie’s hangers that I ‘borrowed’ and get rid of the remnants of the ticks that infested lady the past few months, simple huh?

Still after that there’s a lot of work to be done before the new boarders shift in. I’ve to claim back some of the bills with my roomie which has tied down quite a considerable sum on my part for the past few months. Also there are the utilities that need to be fixed as in the leaky sink on the ground floor, several busted light fixtures and minor repairs all around the place. Clear all evidence of any girl residing in our supposedly boys only room (i.e. long hair stuck in the toilet drainage, get rid of the used pads in the waste, return all beauty products that would never be used by a guy ever etc. etc.).

At least there will be someone in the house again and I won’t be locked out of the room anymore. Still I HATE SPRING CLEANING!

Yikes today I went downstairs when I heard the front door open, I thought it must be from my guy housemate, Ravin who has somehow been missing the past week. So without thinking and only in my shorts (I just got back ok and was going to take a bath!), I headed down. The first warning sign was a huge bag near the entrance and then I saw long hair. Yikes it was a girl!

So it must be my new housemate back early without warning, and thus I found myself running up the stairs top speed to get some clothes on, lucky she had her back turned and haven't notice little old me yet. Wouldn't be a nice first impression for the new tenant to see my titties bared for all the whole world to see, besides Laura would kill me if that happened. Ok so at least I'm not the only one left in the house now, dang didn't have time to clean up the place before anyone notice what a mess it has been for the past few months.


Applegal said...

MY goodness, what have you done to your house?!? Sounds like it's falling into disrepair! XD Be glad you had shorts on, my teacher said one time he came out with only a towel to cover his family jewels when a girl walked into the house ^_^;;;

Kervin said...

applegal: Hehe you know student residents mah, not high class. But not that bad just needs some regular maintenance XD