Tuesday, June 28, 2005

You're moving OUT!!??

Man when someone drops a bombshell you'd think they have the consideration of being more considerate and tell you earlier in advance and not at the last moment.

Just as Patrick was back (and ranting about the house being infested with ticks), he was told by Liz that she was going to move out. The reason she gave was that she is going to take a sabatical from studies even though she is already a year behind due to missed classes and constantly taking leave to have her back problem seen too. She related that the recent trip back to Sarawak it was found that the problem was more serious than thought and she had to take time off to recouperate and find a solution to her health issue. She would have to undergo a spinal operation to replace a spinal disc with a synthetic one and later need the time to recouperate.

Anyway, it is understandable under such circumstances that she had to move away but throughout the past two months when she was back at home she never mention any shred of indication that she was going to take this course. So where are we left at?

It's already the begining of the new university semester, most of the house hunters have already found vacant rooms and it's going to be bust for us with work and all to advertise and find a replacement in the rush. Okay so she's paying for the rental for July even if she's heading home by July 3rd still that only gives us under a month to find a replacement. To think I had to turn down a few potential rentals during the holiday.

Anyway it is still a stroke of luck that I recalled one of my juniors intend to pursue her masters here at UMS. Thus giving her a call, I talked to her about the situation at hand and asked whether she'd be interested to shift in. After some thought, she mentioned that she is going to stay here for a while and has not made any prior arrangements for accomodations, plus her brother has recently gotten a degree offer at UMS.

Thus it was a deal. At least that is one problem solved for now. Anyhow I still wish her the best in her operation and pray that everything will turn out fine and she could finally finish her degree course. Now where can I find a replacement rice cooker once she brought her's back? Scratch scratch....


SBB said...

Nevermind lah, rice cooker can get for less than $100!

Hope things work out with the new "living" mate.

Kervin said...

Yeah there are always other rice cookers, the hard part is finding a good housemate, living with an incompatable person can make life like hell.