Thursday, July 28, 2005

24 December 1846

Historic Marker

Labuan was formally taken possesion by Captain G.R. Mundy, commanding the H.M.S. Iris in the name of the British Empire and thus became a colony of the Empire. This historic marker denotes the date as December 24th 1846, is found near the Labuan Square. Labuan is the Malay translation of 'anchorage' or 'to berth' denoting it's importance as a stopover port for products originating from Borneo. Labuan, Malaysia, 2004.


Kamigoroshi said...

I love Labuan. Always go back to visit my relatives there during Christmas. Nice quiet place.

Kervin said...

kamigoroshi: Other people might say they like labuan for other reasons, like its duty free beer. Most students making a trip there usually come back with a bag heaped full of cheap liquor hehe. Small place not so hectic so quaint.