Saturday, July 23, 2005

Cheeky third Reich hacks?

It seems PPS has been spammed again, and what seems to be an even scarier prospect is that the hacker has taken over several blogs and altered their entries to post his links. Wonder who this Achtung Tiga Jari is and a better question is how did he gain access to people's blogs in the first place, if what I gather is the hacked blogs are from different providers such as Xanga and Blogspot then vulnerabilities exists that makes it possible for people to gain entries to blog entries. Well the entries have been taken off PPS for now and were only there for a few moments and refreshing PPS has shown that they are no longer there.


Golf Addix said...

agree with you totally.

Kamigoroshi said...

That explaiot was repaired a week ago. It's the fact that different posts titles with the same address can now be pinged on PPS (before this cannot be done, leading to the post title exploit that I discovered recently).

Keen said...

It appears the blogs were not hacked, but the person who posted was the author or one of the authors of each of those blogs

BawangMerah said...

Whyls some people got nothing else better to do. *sigh*

Kervin said...

gold addict: :)

kamigoroshi: Yeah I read about your post on finding out about how to ping multiple times on PPS. Hope the problem get fixed soon.

keen: Then it is puzzling why someone would do such a thing for no apparent reason and risk getting censored.

bawangmerah: True true.