Thursday, July 07, 2005

I'm identity less, wallet lost

Somehow getting sunburned from riding a canopy less boat for 5 hours and later getting drenched in the heavy rain all the way from Banggi to Kudat signaled some portend of doom though I wasn’t aware of what it was just yet.

True enough, after arriving home, getting a good bath and resting from utter fatigue I realized my wallet was gone. The first thing that came to mind was that I’ve misplaced it somewhere in the room, which was soon ruled out as it was nowhere near it’s normal spot on the table. Then the search was expanded to the house and also to the porch in case it accidentally fell out of my pocket as I was hauling the boxes of seaweed samples inside, no luck.

Thus the awful truth dawned that it is utterly gone. Next trying to stay calm, I was backtracking to see where the most likely place it could’ve been lost. I recalled paying the Unser driver the trip cost at the beginning of the journey, so it’s not in Kudat. The next stop that I actually used my wallet was at a pit stop at Hutan Simpan Kukup near Kota Marudu where the driver went for a leak and I bought some roasted corn to munch on. I paid the lady so that means at that exact moment my wallet was still in my grasp.

Thus the only place it could be at this very moment is either lying on the group near Kukup or in someone’s pocket there else it dropped in the Unser itself. Thus this two are the only possibility from the timeline I remembered it being in my possession to my realization that it was gone.

I didn’t catch the Unser driver’s number so I cannot call him to confirm anything. I do have the license plate number and his name so not all is lost. From my conversation with him I gather he was from Banggi, thus I sent out enquiries to the seaweed project people to ask the locals if they recall a Mr. Nasirin driving a blue Unser with the number plate SK5317.

I’ve lost my phone once and my wallet on another occasion in the past. On both occasion they were returned to my the former by the taxi driver which picked my phone up from where I dropped it and the latter by Laura’s effort in tracking the taxi we were in before it was lost. I guess three times lucky is too much to ask for. I’ve cancelled my bankcard and was told the only way to withdraw was to go to my Bank branch with identification (which I currently am without). So I’m moneyless and identity less for the time being. There wasn’t much money within since I’ve been spending through the whole trip so that wasn’t the loss. The frustrating thing is that my IC, driver’s license, diving license, Popular card, two bankcards and my university matrix card was in the wallet along with a receipt for the latest Harry Potter novel!!!!

I’m just down now, will go make a report on Saturday and settle the IC problem as well as the banks. Problem is I’m stuck in Sabah and that is going to cause hell of a problem. Sigh I’m going to sleep over it and not think too much for the time being. Been meaning to call my dad but I’m sure to get the lecture and a berating for being so careless (as if I wanted it to happen) from him so maybe I’ll only do it later in future when things are better sorted out. Wonder if prayers for a good Samaritan to come forth and return my wallet is too much to hope for.


VaLz said...

Better luck next time :)

Adrian said...

u hv to make a report within 24 hrs... :) If not, kena fine more.

Kervin said...

valz: Hope so thanks.

Adrian: Yeah went and did it already, pat helped fetched me there. Sigh now have to reapply IC, JPJ and settle my bank.

mmulibra said...

Aiyor.. poor thing..

Hopefully your wish at by tree will come true for u :-)

I know the feeling, losing money is not so troublesome, but losing all your important documents..ouch!! it will cost alot of time to deal with govt office.