Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Photo Tuesday: Fortunate


It is not everyday we consider ourselves fortunate and to take lightly what we have at present, demanding more. Yet we often fail to realise that no matter how bad our situation is there will always be others out there with far worse fortunes then what befalls us. We should be thankful for health, we should be thankful for a roof over our heads and regular meals on the table, we should be glad we have a job, we have friends that care, family that values you and most of all that we are alive. Many others would love to be in your shoes, do we ever think of that before we envy someone else and wish we were them? Here a street vendor who is in fact blind makes his living hawking trinkets such as massage oils, cotton buds, creams, smokes and lighters outside the Masjid Jamek LRT station. Kuala Lumpur, 2004.


Bustaman said...

We take things for granted until we lose them.
Be tahnful and appreciate what we have.

Anonymous said...

Like what Bustaman said, we take things for granted until we lose them. But honestly speaking, self-absorbed beings that we are, it's not enough to know that there other people worse off than we are. We only focus on how bad our lot in life is.

Kyels said...

I guess humans are too self absorbed in themselves till they forget how fortunate they are rather than those unfortunate ones. Sometimes humans tend to take and do things for granted without giving it a single thought but that shouldn't be the way because one should know how lucky they are compared to the blind man in the photo. They should be thankful instead with what they have and not grumble and mumble. :)

Kervin said...

bustaman: Human needs are an endless cycle of wants, when we get what we wished for there will always be something else out there we crave.

anonymous: Humans are self absorbed, I can admit that I am as well but even so it doesn't mean we cannot extend help to others that need it more than we do.

kyels: Maybe it will be imposibble for people to not be self absorbed and selfish to want things for ourselves but a right step is to realise that there are others out there that are in need of help and we are in a position to do so, maybe just maybe one day we'll make this world a better place for all.