Friday, July 01, 2005

She did it again!

From the previous copy right saga, I have not yet received a reply much less an apology and explanation from Iranian gurl. Yet a current check of her blog reveals that she has finally removed the copied contents and replaced it with her own though I must say not so original title. From "My Photo Novela, Snapshots of Life” she went and renamed it "One-stop PhotoNovela, My Weaves of Life~!" and from my tagline has finally reverted to "A complete one-stop portal of my Online digital Pixs~!". All I can say is "Don't you dare do it again you A**e and I'm still waiting for my apology". Haha no lah seriously thats too small a fry to get aggrivated over but it's nice to be able to swear at something and be justified about it.

Wish to thank the moderator and administrator of for being helpful in removing the link from their archive and informing Iranian gurl, real fast action so kudos. But somehow I still think the issue remains unsettled. From the latest post I read that I was not the only one stripped of their content. Midnite lily alo stumbled onto the blog and was appaled that a whole entry was stripped and coppied with minor alterations, read her entry and compare it with the latest entry from Iranian gurl. So should she be shot dead? If I were you I'd scrutinize her blog and see what other infringement she has violated and send grieviences to her.

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