Saturday, July 02, 2005



A tourist enjoying a nice trishaw ride along Jalan Penang. Georgetown, Penang, 2004.

Lately I’ve been having a bad case of wanderlust. It starts as an itch in my mind, a niggling feeling that just would not go away. From the monotonous view of my desk and the ever so familiar surroundings that work dictates I be in for 9 hours of the day, whispers appear to feels like it is turning into a yell to see something new, to go someplace foreign or just get the heck out of here. My body can’t sit still, my feet wishes to walk unfamiliar grounds, my hands itches to press the exposure button on my camera of a foreign scene and my palate yearns to taste the exotic and the new. I want to travel the world!

I’ve been in a slump, photography wise, even an expert would feel wearisome seeing the same old place too often, the subjects too familiar to the point you can actually remember every spot there is on a particular cat and the atmosphere grows stale. I need a new stimulus, something to perk up my creative juices and to capture pictures by the hundreds. There were so many missed chances forced on by my commitments in so many areas, I couldn’t go for the Kaamatan festival because of work and also due to the fact there is no one to go along with. I missed the Sabah annual dragon boat race at Likas Bay because I was darn tired from the previous day’s excursion that I could not motivate myself to wake up at 6.30 to catch the beginning of the event. I cannot get leave nor arrange accommodations to Kuching in the next few weeks to see the Rainforest Music Festival.

Sometimes I just wished to cream out loud, walk out of here and to heck with work and just immerse traveling and photographing and sating my soul. But alas reality soon sinks in and the necessity of earning a living and finishing work soon sends dreams crashing down to earth and smacks you in the face. I still wish I could journey like my friend Su Ling, hitting the streets of Vietnam, enjoying Macau and Hong Kong and more while I cn long forever to even step foot in Singapore. Some globetrotters have all the luck. I’ll be here sulking till the next time.


Life Feel said...

hey kervin.
I really like your still shot photos.
you have good intuition and good sense of space.

*2 thumbs up*

a blog reader
- Life Feel

SooHK said...

Thanks for dropping by my site... nice site you have here...

Kervin said...

Life feel: Thanks glad you like the photos.

soohk: :D Thanks for coming over for a look too.